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The Word Alive’s Telle Smith recently spoke about his friendship with Mitch Lucker of Suicide Silence. You can check out an interview excerpt after the jump.

You and Mitch Lucker were good friends. Would you tell us what it was like when you heard he had died?

It was pretty surreal. Their drummer Alex texted me right when he found out. I had just woken up early in the morning and thought, ‘Am i still dreaming? Wake up, this is a not a good dream.’ I was so out of it – I wrote him back and said, “Tell me you’re lying.” He said no, man, Mitch is dead. It was so heavy and the weird thing was I talked to Mitch on the phone two days before. I had just moved back to California and we were gonna have a barbecue – our dogs used to play together. I love that band and I love Mitch. I went to the funeral and the memorial show and both were amazing. I think it’s hard to say the impact he had on the genre. This is something so powerful and while of course everyone would prefer him to be here, we’ll make sure in the metal community that his legacy lives on forever.

It sounds like you had quite a bond.

There are not many people where you’d say, ‘I would do anything for that person.’ But Mitch was one of those guys for me. When you tour with a band like Suicide Silence, it’s hard to express how tight you get. All of the guys in that band. There’s a real love and trust among all of us.

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