New Music Monday-The Background “Your Friends”

The Background, out of Dallas, Texas, provide their own take on Indie Pop, a mix of shout-along tracks and heart-felt ballads. Their second album, Your Friends, has unique ideas for the genre, but can be lacking in production at times. The band seems to be very tight and practiced, and confident in their songwriting.

Ballads like “Baby, Don’t Go” and “Maybe I Fell Into It” seem to have the strongest potential as songs and as lyrical ideas, though they are two of the shortest tracks on the album. The band seems to strive off of making choruses that are easy to sing along with, which they do very well. Backed by pop-heavy riffs the songs are easy to tap your foot to, with very singable lyrics. Tracks like “Run” and “Your Friends” have a lot of energy, and are very easy to get into on the first listen.

Now, the only complaint I have about the album is that some of the production can be a little overboard to my ears. The guitars can sound overly digital and the vocals over-edited. The mix is very bass-heavy and pumps a lot, which can definitely be a plus for some of the songs on the album, but at other times seems over-powering. Overall the album sounds very good, with just a few spots where I feel there could be improvements made.

Overall the album has a good flow to it, with highs and lows in dynamics and lyrics. The lyrical content can grab your attention, and have you singing along on the second listen, even if you don’t remember all of the words. The Background’s Your Friends is definitely very easy to add to your daily listening rotation.

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