The Hush Now-Great Scott, The Pill

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Photo by Mike Guiliani.

Stepping into Great Scott for their weekly indie dance party ‘The Pill’ sets an instant atmosphere for the night. The stage is perfectly set for an intimate show, and the wall behind the stage is covered with two screens, which give way to vibrant, moving colors that are absolutely hypnotizing.

As soon as The Hush Now take the stage it’s immediate intrigue and before I know it, I’m fighting for a space near the front of the stage. With such a strong sound, it’s no wonder they’ve captured the attention of their audience so quickly, and with each new song comes traces of The Smiths, The Cure, and a general melodic 80’s, danceable vibe. From the ever subtle but always present ‘head bob’ to full-fledged flailing, there is certainly no shortage of dancing in the crowd tonight, proving that The Hush Now won’t be losing audience attention anytime soon.

The band’s lively stage presence captivates your attention, yet they are not so animated as to take away from the dance atmosphere. In particular, bassist Mike DiMinno, who is extremely dynamic in his craft, and vocalist Noel Kelly whose strong emotions come through in his performance.

Melodic keyboards, captivating guitar and bass riffs, and hollowing drums paint the sounds of Great Scott tonight. As I watch the band and their audience, I notice that not only is the audience smiling and enjoying themselves-but so is the band. Not only are they connected and in tune with one another, but through sideways smiles and glances into the crowd, you can see they are truly happy up there. And that is exactly what sets them apart and makes for a memorable show.

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