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This Providence Post Album Update News 

This Providence Post Album Update

This Providence’s vocalist Dan Young has posted an update on the band’s progress on their latest album. You can read his update below:

“Hey beautiful (yes, I’m talking to you)!

Just wanted to write a quick blog saying thank you to everyone who is waiting it out with us. It’s taken us a long time to write this record, but I assure you, it’s going to be worth the wait. We’re sitting on about 30 songs now, 10-12 of which will make up our best record to date! I don’t plan on stopping the writing until we’re out of the studio. Hell, I plan on writing continuously, I’ve learned that the more I do it, the better the songs get. You’d think I’d run out of content… I haven’t yet! So until I do, it’s writing, writing, writing! Thinking about whipping up another acoustic Christmas song for you. Whatcha think? Have you heard this one I did in 2008?  

Again, thank you for sticking with us. This Prov has many years of life left in it, we’re still very much a band, and honestly I don’t think we’ve been more excited to make a record than we are now. Hang in there, and have a wonderful holiday!


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