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‘Tis the Season For A Punk Rock Christmas: Top 10 Songs To Kickstart Christmas

top christmas songs pop punkAlthough it’s shoved in our faces as we turn the corner on Halloween, Christmas can be an exciting time for music.  From brand new Christmas tunes, to the classics that have been covered thousands of times, the end of the year is a great time to discover new music.  Don’t get me wrong, just because a song like Jingle Bells has been covered thousands of times doesn’t make a new interpretation any less exciting.  When done right, Christmas songs, even the classics, can easily rival any other song that lives in the other 10 months of the year.

The punk/pop-punk/alternative world has given us the gift of Christmas music several times over the years including Christmas releases from Jimmy Eat World, the Killers, Relient K and many more. This year we received Punk Goes Christmas -a new release from the ‘Punk Goes insert genre here’ saga.  We also received Bad Religion’s album, ‘Christmas Songs.’  (Yes, Bad Religion made a Christmas album.)  I decided to dig through some Christmas songs from the past decade and make a list of my favorites.

Here are the top 10 punk/pop-punk/alternative (I hate labeling genres) songs that kick-start the Christmas spirit.

10. MXPX – Christmas Day – It’s fast.  It’s to the point.  It’s Christmas.  How can you go wrong?

9. Unwritten Law – Unwritten Christmas – The lyrics will make you feel like, and want to be, a kid again.  Besides, it comes with a ridiculous ‘rap’ by Sum 41.

8. Jack’s Mannequin – The Lights and Buzz – A Christmas song about the warm winters in California.  This one is for the west coast.

7. Dustin Kensrue – This is War – The front man of Thrice delivers an eerie, solo acoustic Christmas masterpiece.

6. New Found Glory – Nothing for Christmas – it’s the classic NFG sound with a Christmas twist.  It’s not their only Christmas song, but it’s their best.

5. The Almost – Little Drummer Boy – A perfect example of a Christmas cover.  Who knew a song only containing one acoustic guitar, drums, and vocals could be so powerful?

4. Jimmy Eat World – Last Christmas – It’s a little heavy on the pop side but you wouldn’t want it any other way.  Another cover well-done.

3. House of Heroes – Silent Night – Fueled by vocal harmonies (as all HOH songs are), this acoustic rendition sets a new standard for the classic song.

2. The Killers – Don’t Shoot Me Santa – The most bizarre Christmas song there is.  But, coming from the Killers, it makes perfect sense.

1. Capital Lights – His Favorite Christmas Story – With story-telling lyrics worthy of a movie script, this song tops all the rest.

Check out Zachary Russell’s pop punk Christmas EP right here


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