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Tom DeLonge Leaves Blink-182…No…Wait…Yes… (UPDATED)

66593_161056107250070_4848453_nSo if you are a music lover or in the music industry, the last 48 hours have been really confusing. First you wake up hearing lead guitarist and co-lead singer of Blink-182, Tom DeLonge, has left the band indefinitely or that he quit outright. A few hours later it’s now a joke? His bandmates didn’t discuss it with him? Journalists messed up really badly? The point is, we have no idea what is happening.

After the jump you can find most of the articles (the lines that pertain) and a few ideas that fans have about what may be going on. Feel free to write your thoughts on this very bizarre day in the comment section bellow. We look forward to hearing from you!

UPDATE #18: You thought we were done with this, didn’t you, well so did I, but Delonge opened his mouth again, so here we are. In a recent interview with Billboard (as taken from an Alt Press article) Delonge said he would not be opposed to rejoining Blink-182….I’m just going to say what we are all thinking: Are you f***ing kidding me????

Find all previous updates after the jump!

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(Originally Published 1/26/2015)

UPDATE #1: Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker did an impromptu interview with Rolling Stone about an hour ago. Read it here and become even more confused.

UPDATE #2: No confirmation yet, but this tweet, supposedly deleted, from DeLonge has been circling for the past few hours.

UPDATE #3: According to The Examiner, DeLonge has not officially quit, no word from his party to the truth of this.

UPDATE #4: Alternative Press does exclusive interview with Hoppus.

UPDATE #5: Delonge does an almost off record post on his Facebook 35 minutes ago. Still hasn’t officially said he’s done.

UPDATE #6: Hoppus does interview with Billboard where he denies that Barker was ever going to quit.

UPDATE #7: Whether Delonge has quit or not, Blink 182 are moving forward with Matt Skiba in place of Delonge, at least for now. Hoppus instagramed a picture of rehearsal with Skiba’s gear.

UPDATE #8Though there has yet to be an official interview from Delonge, Barker did another one, this time with KROQ. The interview basically reiterates what he’s been saying the whole time. Read about it and listen here.

UPDATE #9: (The saga continues) Delonge posts two instagram videos with the hashtags #SongWithoutaHome and #March1. Sounds like the songs were meant for Blink-182. After no word from him since his Facebook message, only time will tell what these videos means.

UPDATE #10: If you thought this was done, think again. Delonge posted this on Facebook and Instagram about two hours ago. Yet again, no clue what to make of it. Maybe he’s creating his own band or becoming a solo act?

UPDATE #11: Delonge posted this on his Facebook this morning. It is not very clear and just brings up more questions. Is this why Barker and Hoppus thought he was leaving Blink-182 all those weeks ago? And what does this have to do with the #March1 posts? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

UPDATE #12: So today we finally get answers, well…maybe. Delonge tweeted that on March 1 he will release a few Blink 182 demo tracks. Then he deleted it. No word as to what the track names are or what Hoppus and Barker think. And so the saga continues. And if you missed it, he did a whole interview about how aliens are real

UPDATE #13 (and hopefully the last): Delonge announced today that he is going to release a new album on April 20 called There Will Be Stars. May people speculate it will contain those Blink-182 demos he said would be released tomorrow. Does this mean he’s becoming a solo artist? We don’t know. But, if you are interested in finding out, you can preorder the album here.

UPDATE #14: It’s official, Delonge has not officially quit. Glad we finally got that cleared up. In a recent interview with AlternativeNation, Barker explains everything…again. He also gives a bit of detail on Matt Skiba and other projects, so maybe there is some uniqueness in this interview…at least we have the answer to if tom has officially done anything yet. So glad he’s still leading the fans on. Does he even still have fans?

UPDATE #15: Even though Delonge has not officially  quit, the band has officially moved on. Earlier today, Hoppus posted an instagram photo of himself, Barker and Delonge’s (permanent?) replacement Matt Skiba. Also, Delonge released the first song off his new album. check that out here.

UPDATE #16: (You didn’t expect to get a second update today, did you.) DeLonge decided to be Mr. ambitious man and will be releasing not one, but four albums this year. You can check out his tweet here.

UPDATE #17: DeLonge’s replacement, Matt Skiba, did a podcast talking about taking over for Delonge. Listen here.

The articles before:

Alternative Press:

CBS Radio is reporting that Tom DeLonge has quit Blink-182. You can read an official statement that is reportedly from the band’s publicist below.

Rolling Stone:

Tom DeLonge, longtime guitarist and co-vocalist of the punk trio Blink-182, has left the group, his bandmates announced in a statement Monday.

Huffington Post:

As first reported by, Blink-182’s Tom DeLonge has “indefinitely” left the band. DeLonge has apparently made this decision in order to pursue his “other non-musical endeavors,” a representative for blink said in a statement.


In a statement released on Monday morning (Jan. 26) from the band’s publicist and obtained by, Blink-182’s remaining members announced that DeLonge “didn’t want to participate in any Blink-182 projects indefinitely, but would rather work on his other non-musical endeavors.”

Original Statement from Blink-182 PR:

Matt Skiba of the Alkaline Trio will join Blink-182 in replacement of Tom DeLonge at the 8th annual Musink Music and Tattoo festival.  “We were all set to play this festival and record a new album and Tom kept putting it off without reason. A week before we were scheduled to go in to the studio we got an email from his manager explaining that he didn’t want to participate in any Blink-182 projects indefinitely, but would rather work on his other non-musical endeavors.” Travis Barker and Mark Hoppus plan to honor all Blink-182 commitments including the Musink Festival and are excited to have singer/guitarist Matt Skiba join them for this project.  “No hard feelings, but the show must go on for our fans.” Additionally, Skiba will continue to make new music and tour with the Alkaline Trio.

DeLonge Facebook Message:

To all the fans, I never quit the band. I actually was on a phone call about a blink 182 event for New York City at the time all these weird press releases started coming in… Apparently those releases were ‘sanctioned’ from the band. Are we dysfunctional- yes. But, Christ…..‪#‎Awkward‬‪#‎BabyBackRibs‬

From DeLonge’s Publicist:

Contrary to reports, Tom DeLonge has not left Blink 182. “I never quit the band,” he says. “Actually, I was on the phone discussing a possible Blink-182 event in New York City when I heard the ‘news.’ The ONLY truth here is that I have commitments that limit my availability this year. I love Blink-182 and I’m not leaving.”

Mark Hoppus Messing With Everyones’ Head:

Fan thoughts:

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