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TOP 10 Cover Songs By The Maine

the maineThe Maine recently announced that they will be releasing a second EP of covers this June. The album, aptly titled Covers (Side B), will include a cover of the wildly popular “Love Yourself” by Justin Bieber. That first single will be coming out today (April 21) at 5 p.m. PST/8 p.m. EST.

In preparation for that, we have compiled the Top 10 cover songs The Maine has released or performed live. In the nine years the band has been together, they have covered everyone from Akon to Backstreet Boys and even Cyndi Lauper. So check out our picks below, and be sure to let us know which cover song is your favorite in the comments!

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10. “You Get What You Give” (Feat. Brennan Smiley of The Technicolors)

Original artist: New Radicals

What makes this cover so perfect is The Maine really changed nothing about it. This song is one of the most recognized tunes from the late 90’s and was done so perfectly then that it has withstood the test of time. With the addition of The Technicolor’s frontman Brennan Smiley, who sounds very similar to New Radical’s vocalist Gregg Alexander, the song is sure to bring up many nostalgic feelings.

9. “This House Is Not For Sale”

Original artist: Ryan Adams

Fans rarely get to hear this song done live, mainly because it’s used for soundcheck. Drummer Pat Kirch sites it as being a band favorite and one they have quite a lot of fun playing. The Maine prove they can take any song, from basically any era, and turn it into a track their fans, of any age, will enjoy.

8. “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” (Feat. Adam Lazzara of Taking Back Sunday)

Original artist: Cyndi Lauper

In my opinion, covers either need to be so close to the original that it’s undeniably recognizable, or so different that the original falls to the wayside. This cover definitely falls into the latter category. Easily the standout track from 2012’s Punk Goes Pop 5, The Maine, with the help of Adam Lazzara, turn this fun dancy pop song into harder pop rock tune, which surprised most of us upon first listen.

7. “Beast Of Burden”

Original artist: The Rolling Stones

While it’s not a full cover, the surprise vocals from bassist Garrett Nickelsen warrant it having a spot on this list. The band knows how to embrace the feel of classic rock and never disappoint when it comes to covering bands like The Rolling Stones.

6. “With A Little Help From My Friends” (feat. Lydia and Arkells)

Original artist: The Beatles

I’m sure this song has been covered a million times in the 49 years since its release, but there’s something special about The Maine’s. They upped the tempo a bit and made it sound a little folkier. And with a little help from their friends Lydia and Arkells, the song is well-rounded and fits perfectly into a 21st century setting.

5. “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction”

Original artist: The Rolling Stones

Even though we don’t have a studio recording of this track, those who attended the American Candy Tour in 2015 were given an extra special treat when the band performed it live every night. They more than do this song justice, and Jared Monaco‘s guitar solo towards the end is proof this band understands and respects their craft.

4. “I Wanna Love You”

Original artist: Akon

I saw The Maine for the very first time in the summer of 2008 during the Soundtrack of Your Summer Tour with Boys Like Girls and Good Charlotte. They were a pretty new band at the point, and I didn’t know any of their music. So when they whipped this song out during their setlist, I knew I had just stumbled upon a band that I was going to love for a really long time. It shows off their quirkiness, as well as their amazing ability to turn a hip hop song into a pop lover’s dream. Can we talk about those haircuts though?

3. “Steal My Sunshine” (Feat. Derek Sanders of Mayday Parade)

Original artist: Len

This late 90’s hit has always been a song-along favorite for many. So when fans of The Maine were treated to a cover just as catchy and fun as the original, we remembered why we loved this song so much. With the release of the band’s most recent album American Candy, we learned The Maine were in a much happier place, and this song fits into that new path the band has set perfectly. The video may be a little weird, but that’s The Maine for ya!

2. “Pour Some Sugar On Me”

Original artist: Def Leppard

We were treated to this gem of a cover quite early into The Maine’s career. Being featured on both the deluxe edition of the band’s debut full length Can’t Stop Won’t Stop as well as Punk Goes Classic Rock, this track shows a grit and rawness to vocalist John O’Callaghan that we weren’t used to up to this point. But as we all know, he’s embraced that vocal tone in that past few years.

1. “As Long As You Love Me”

Original artist: Backstreet Boys

It’s the perfect mash up of past meets present. I imagine most of us who listen to The Maine today listened to the Backstreet Boys as kids. This song came out in 1996, and was everyone’s go-to pop love song. In 2015, The Maine stripped it down and made it into a love ballad that we could easily hear on today’s radio.


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