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Top 5 Venues In London

Bela Takes Chase Bela Takes Chase was kind enough to send us her top 5 venues in London. Check out her new single “Radiate”  here, and purchase a CD or buy concert tickets here.

1) The Bedford in Balham This a great gig, the way it’s set out all in the round, it always has great acoustic acts playing there. The vibe is just really special.

2) The Underbelly in Hoxton I have done two really great gigs here, always with a great crowd. It’s a really cool, relaxed music venue with good sound. I always enjoy a cheeky gig at the Underbelly!!

3) The Loft Bar in`Chesham I’ve played here acoustic and with a full band, and both times I’ve had a blast. The audience is amazing, and so respectful. It’s a small space but it works and it’s the kind of venue that’s really up for new music, and really supportive of it

4) The Monarch in Camden Town This place is great for live music, I had great fun playing there and have seen some great acts there as well. The room is interesting, but it works. Always a really nice crowd and always so respectful!

5) Ronnie Scott’s I was lucky enough to play Ronnie Scott’s. The venue is iconic, and there’s an amazing feel to it. It’s always buzzing, so it’s a great place to play because of that.

Bonus: Notting Hill Arts Club A venue which has been just great to me. I’m playing there again on the 15th of January. I love the space, it’s very creative, there’s always a crowd, and the sound is great. Its’ just got a proper gig feel to it and lots of history.


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