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TOUR DIARY #1: The Material

The Material 2013Hey! Colleen from The Material here, come along with us as we take you through the last few days of our tour with Red Jumpsuit Apparatus!

Day 1 – Things started off a bit crazy as we took off from LA very early on Friday morning. We headed up the 5 freeway on our way to Kennewick, WA in one fell swoop. We had planned on getting to Bend, OR and sleeping there, but hit a flat tire around Lake Shasta. We pulled over on the side of the road to fix the flat and hit the road again in search of a gas station to top off the air on the spare tire. We headed into the wilderness with not much around and when we pulled over, the spare had gone flat as well from a leak. We ended up spending the night in the parking lot of Mount Shasta Tire Factory who fixed the flat in the morning (thanks guys!) and finished up the rest of the trip to Kennewick.

Day 2 – When we arrived in Kennewick the sign out front of the Roxy Wine Bar said “Sold Out” which is always nice to see. The first show of the tour was in a new town we had never been with, with new bands we had never met, and it was sold out! Great start to the tour! The show went well, and afterwards we headed to Seattle. We made it as far as a Walmart parking lot about an hour outside of Seattle and slept in the van. Not a fan of Walmart, but you got to hand it to them, they definitely make the lives of touring bands easier by allowing them to sleep overnight in their parking lots!

Day 3 – Sunday was a day off for us, so we got to visit all of our favorite spots in Seattle! We started the day off by going to a Mariners game at Safeco park, then walked down to Pike’s Place to find our names on the gum wall, check out the fish market, grab a vegan cookie from the bakery and watch the sunset. On the way back we stopped by our old stomping grounds at The Central (we recorded pre-production for our first full length What We Are around the corner) for dinner, and then headed to Hooverville for a beer. We stayed with our friends Alabaster (check them out!) and had an awesome day off.

Day 4 – Monday we had a busy day of band stuff, so we headed to a cafe down the street for some coffee and found a blue piano painted like an octopus in front of it. Totally random and a perfect spot for an impromptu piano set. Made some friends with passerby’s, got some breakfast and headed to Pike’s Place to get our favorite chowder. The Pike Place Chowder place was closed the day before and we couldn’t leave Seattle without some chowda! Once we had our fill we headed to the venue for a photo shoot with Ryan Russell and an acoustic video for Nervous Energies. The show that night was awesome. The place was packed with kids ready to rock and we had a blast.

Day 5 – Today we made our way down to Portland. In an attempt to rest my voice after a little too much rocking in Seattle, I am officially on a full day of no talking, which is essentially like a really long game of charades… maybe I should learn how to speak sign language? Anyway, Roi, Jon and I all got tattoos today at Scapegoat and lunch at Sweet Pea bakery which is kind of a tradition for Portland. We’ll probably grab some Voodoo Donuts on our way out too!  Something to keep us busy on the 9 hour drive back down to Sacramento!

Check out the photo album, more stories to come!

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