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TOUR DIARY #2: Quincy Mumford & The Reason Why

 Quincy Mumford & The Reason WhyQuincy Mumford & The Reason Why are currently out on tour supporting their new album, Its Only Change, and were kind enough to share their experiences from the road with us! Check out their tour diary after the jump. You can purchase a CD of Its Only Change or buy concert tickets here.

Oh man, it has been a crazy couple of weeks on the road. It has been absolutely amazing, but totally crazy and unpredictable. Every show on this run has been amazing, new fans, old fans, and crazy high energy from everyone. I have realized now being on stage with my band mates, that the vibe has elevated to something on a whole new level. The connection we all have on stage with each other is amazing, in the sense that its like we are having a conversation on stage but through music. So much positive energy, I can’t take it! haha

It’s important to be positive on the road, because a lot can go wrong quickly. We had the worse possible thing happen to us on this run. We were on our way up to Melbourne, Florida for a show that night, and noticed the vans battery power had been dying, and the lights kept flickering. We pulled over in a gas station 10 minutes away from the venue. The van completely died…awesome right? We luckily found a friend at the venue that came and towed our trailer full of equipment to the show, so we could get started. Our tour manager, got the van towed to a local auto place to be looked at for the next day. We had a place to stay an hour and a half south of there, where all of our luggage was located. So in other words, we were stranded in Melbourne with no clothes, no blankets or pillows, no place to crash, no toothbrush, basically homeless. We got a call the next day from the mechanic, that said he couldn’t fix it for another day. Luckily, we had a friend in town, that knew someone who was going to let us crash at her place. Man, it was nice to take a shower haha.

Two days and two canceled shows later, we found that the van needed a new computer…awesome!! It turns out the only way to get the part was to drive to Orlando. So, our tour manager towed the van to Orlando, our trailer was in Melbourne, and we had to get a ride down to Stuart to pick up our luggage. It was a rough couple of days, and a couple hundred dollar later but we finally made it back on the road and had an awesome show in Macon, Georgia!

Sometime life doesn’t work out the way you want it to, but I am grateful to have some amazing friends in my life to make things a little easier. You just have to keep on keeping on. It is our duty as human beings to pay it forward and in return you will get yours. Be positive, be kind, and surround yourself with good hearted people.

much love,


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