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TOUR DIARY: Approaching Troy – Part 1

Approaching TroyPart 1: Tour never goes to plan…

Before joining A Crowd Like You on the Ride or Die tour, the first leg of Approaching Troy’s Blacked Out and Ready Tour primarily consisted of New England with our friends in Connecticut-based band Rise & Resist. We hope this first week of the tour was where we got all our bad luck out, because if not we can’t imagine what the West Coast has in store for us…

We set off from Long Island to Woodforde, CT on August 6th with the view to sleeping in our van the night before the first show of the tour. Due to the minimal space, our roadie slept on the roof(!) while the rest of us crammed together wherever we could to get comfy. Turns out, this easily accessible parking lot was private property and three brightly lit squad cars surrounded the van to let us know that at around 5 am. Thankfully, Connecticut officers are a lot nicer than the NYPD we’ve encountered at home. They told us where we could legally re-park so we could go back to sleep!

That wasn’t the end of our bad luck, though. About two weeks before heading out, the promoter for our Rhode Island show on August 9th told us that the venue he’d booked us had closed down. In turn, the date had to be changed, which ruled a number of the support bands out. Fortunately our tour manager succeeded in finding us five other bands to in less than 24 hours!  Let’s just say things on tour don’t always go as planned!

The only thing that went as scripted was that every night, we gave it our all. No matter what the circumstances were, our energy and the crowd reaction was unbelievable. Bring on the next two weeks…

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