TOUR DIARY: Not Tonight Josephine

Not Tonight Josephine Dear Diary….

No, that was a joke. Okay, it was a bad one. Anyways, it seems like the RollerCoastTour just wrapped up maybe last night (really we’ve been home for two weeks now, but I’m pretty certain that we all slept for the first 6 days of that break).

We’re heading back into the southeast again, mainly because as 5 guys from Florida, none of us have a single clue or desire to drive in the snow. After working out the kinks of touring with each other in March, we’ve got the day to day routine locked in.

The first three stops on this tour went off like clockwork, our first stop in Pensacola, as first shows tend to, was sketchy. Admittedly we don’t exactly travel light, between our van and trailer, backline, and mission control (our in-ear-monitor mixer setup). It’s not uncommon to get to some smaller venues and scare the stage manager half to death. We still do our thing, even if the stage did have a hole directly behind James’ (our guitarist’s) spot on stage.

We made nice throwing down in Marietta with our new friends in This Is a Lifetime (NorthEast Ohio Metal, and all around rad dudes). It seemed like all of the kids in Marietta came out to party that Friday, complete with not one, but two different groups making their best attempts at the gallon challenge in the parking lot between bands.  A side note about Swayze’s in Marietta, GA; if you ever have a doubt about the passion of kids that just want to discover new music, go catch a show there. It will restore your faith in the scene.

After being put up in Georgia by some friends (which means showers, which means happy, and more importantly clean, un-smelly band guys) we made the trip to Mississippi. Hattiesburg was a party. Actually, quite literally a pizza party. Every venue in the world should invest in a pizza oven.

Like it tends to happen, we had the next night’s show in Houston fall apart at the last minute, which sucks. But we can’t let a bad thing keep us down, so ta-da, we then had a day off in the South, meaning that, you know, since it’s on the way, we take a side-trip to New Orleans for some gumbo and to take in the culture. But in all honesty that really just means gumbo and hand grenades while we wander the French Quarter. One thing we learned that they hate in New Orleans is when people (in this case, 5 dudes from Florida) try to speak in Creole accents. If you ever find yourself in that situation, take our advice and just don’t try. At least not out loud. All in all, we got exactly what we needed; a night off, drinks, great food, great company, shenanigans, did I mention the drinks?

And right there is where this is going to end for now, because who doesn’t like a good cliff hanger ending? But really because the hand grenades and the drink makes typing hard. We’ve got another 6 or 7 shows left on this tour, and hopefully at least one more shower somewhere in that mix.

Forming in 2008, Not Tonight Josephine has had six years in which to perfect their distinctively infectious take on the post-hardcore genre. During that time the quintet has picked up an impressive number of accolades, not least of which has been sharing the stage with some of alternative rock’s most prestigious names – A Day To Remember, Underoath, Rise Against and New Found Glory to name but a few. Aside from relentless touring, the band have found the time to build up a devoted international fan base with their powerful and impassioned EP’s. The most recent of these, 2013’s ‘Common Gold,’ saw the band receive almost unilateral praise from fans and critics, being recorded and produced under the guidance of James Paul Wisner (Underoath, Hands Like Houses, Paramore.) You can keep up with the band and purchase a CD or buy concert tickets here.

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