Tour Diary: Random Holiday

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Random HolidayRandom Holiday are currently on their summer tour, and were kind enough to share their experiences from the road! Check out their tour diary after the jump, and purchase a CD or buy concert tickets here.

June 18th 2013 

I woke up this morning on a couch with a huge stage fan next to me in the entrance hall of the famous 7 venue. I opened my eyes to a vast array of guitars, trumpets, and manikins lining the walls. All I smelled was sweat and body odor, most likely coming from my self. I slowly got up and began talking to the dudes in Distances and took a quick shower. Today we were playing Six Flags Over Georgia.

To try and describe the way I feel is going to be difficult because I had no idea what to think about what were about to do. All I knew was that the free rides were going to rule. We closed up shop and I was the last one out so I locked up all the doors. We waited until John Dismukes and his band System Reset came to meet us and take us to Six Flags. Once they got there, we all hopped in our smelly van and followed them to the gates where we were then met by a security team. We all got out and looked to our left, saw the rides, got out of the van, everyone put on their bathing suits cause we knew we were gonna get wet, then we walked through the restricted gate which was right under a roller coaster, and into the park. We walked to where the stage was in the middle of the park which looked like it was set for The Wiggles. Then we proceeded to ride as much as we could, 3 rides, before we had to play. Noah blacked out on the first ride. We knew he had somewhat a of a concussion from skateboarding like 2 days before we left for tour and we knew it probably wasn’t healthy of him to get on the roller coaster- but we did it anyway. We kept riding and throughout the day Noah ended up blacking out 5 times. It was pretty rad. Finally it came time for both our bands to play. Distances took the stage and their guitarist Sam exclaimed “Hey we are Distances, and we stand for two things. Short shorts, and Banging your head.” Needless to say Noah and I lost it. They were so heavy and so tight they killed the place. What was cool was that the people that were there didn’t leave but stayed around and watched them and us. We took the stage after them and Noah exclaimed “sup we’re Random Holiday, we stand for two things. Short shorts and songs you can tap your toe too.” I had so much fun playing and the sound system was so unlike what we were used too. I could hear everything which was pretty gnarly. We ended our set and knew it was time to sell and ride. We both began selling as much merch as possible and both succeeded in doing so. I got on Instagram after the show and saw some kids had grammed their new merch.

To end the day we road some more rides and Noah continued to black out. The hype was real that day, especially when Noah got to kiss a girl he met that day at the show. Mainly due to the label on our merch sign that states “Kisses from Noah – priceless.” Finally we finished up at the park at the water park, and were escorted out, where we proceeded to having a family dinner at a near by Hibachi grill. Over all day = great success.

June 20th 2013

We woke up on our off day in Jacksonville. It was humid and bug filled, and all I wanted to do was to get to one of these Florida Springs which we told so highly about. Apparently there were spots in rivers where the water stayed 72 degrees year long, and was completely crystal clear blue. As clear as a pool. That’s all I wanted to do. Distances already had made fun of how much I love to swim. I’m a fish man. I love being in water. I hoped in the drivers seat and we took off heading towards Ocala FL. The sky in Florida has to be my favorite part of the state. The sun sets and sun rises are so incredible, and due to the frequent showers the clouds always looked ginormous. At least to me they did. We hauled down the highway until we reached Ocala. Many A Day To Remember jokes were made. We got lost on a few country back roads before we got to the town, but with some determination found our way. These Springs were all located in State Parks, so we had to pay at everyone. The first one we went too was supposed to be one of the best. Silver Spring River State Park was the name of it. We got to the gate and spoke to the ranger. I asked where we can swim and he abruptly shut me down saying “can’t swim in any of these, there are too many gators.” Now considering last summer tour we had a shark bite, this time we were a little more weary to anything that could potentially end up like that. We still entered the park and discussed what we should do. I sat in the women’s bathroom made some quick calls and found there was another park 27 minutes away that did offer swimming and it was only a two dollar entry fee. We hoped at The opportunity and jumped back in the van. I called Distances and they said they were just going to chill and see a movie in Ocala.

It took us 5 tries to finally find the right entrance to the park. Apple Maps really sucks. Once we did though we quickly hurried to the entrance to pay, and then down to the water below. It looked like we were in a rainforest. The trees and canopy were so high up. Moss hung from trees above. There was a sign that said “watch out for Gators.” I rad down the path to the opening where the water was. It was a cove on a river, and looked like a public pool. There was a good amount of people there probably 15-20, and they were jumping off the cement dock above the water. I took a big dive and hit the perfect water. I loved how wonderful the temperature was, and how clear it was. It was like opening my eyes in a pool but with out any chlorine killing my eyes. I swam around with Noah and Taylor for about an hour, and we all knew that the driving had totally been worth it. It was the perfect way to spend our off day, and I’m so happy we got to do something like this. That’s one of the best parts of tour, going to places like this. I was so ecstatic to be there. The day was perfect. However the night made it even better, because I made just a simple Facebook post about how we needed a place to stay the night near St. Petersburg FL, and a dude named Christian Costello messaged me saying he’d be more than welcome to letting us stay there. Distances had a flat tire so they stayed there in Ocala, so we had just Taylor, Noah and I staying at Christians. He welcomed us with open arms, as did his family. It was really amazing to see how quick people would jump to help like that. Christian is the man. I fell asleep feeling great. Tour was going perfectly.


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