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TOUR DIARY: Stacked Like Pancakes

Stacked Like Pancakes recently completed the first part of their Strange Creatures Preview Tour. The band let us in on some of the road adventures that occurred this time around. From bright pink hair to successfully crowd-funding another album, this journey has been off to an exciting start.

Check out some diary entries from lead singer Kellen McKay below!

April 10th: Kissimmee, Florida

A lot of times, our meals on the road are based on convenience of travel…and we are so fortunate when there happens to be a Denny’s directly across the street from our hotel. Contrary to popular belief, we don’t always get pancakes. Actually we often don’t get pancakes.
April 11th: Orlando, Florida

In the middle of our Kickstarter campaign for our new album, STRANGE CREATURES. We’ll do whatever it takes to reach the goal – including dying Will’s hair bright pink! We offered fans and supporters to help us reach a mini goal on the Kickstarter, and in exchange we would color up Will’s hair. He did it and honestly, he rocks it. And it’s semi-permanent.
April 20th: Berwyn, Illinois

You can tell from this still photo how lit the crowd was that night. Chicago-area happens to be our highest-listening city on Spotify by FAR, and it shows. They didn’t stop singing and dancing the entire night. Someone even crowdsurfed, got on the stage, and stage-dove. It was insane.
April 25th: Newport, KY
Meals can get pretty expensive on the road. You usually need to do something quick, and meals at Dunkin for breakfast and Panera for lunch all add up. Sometimes we are extremely fortunate to get hooked up by local businesses and friends. Owner Jeff at a restaurant in Cincinnati called Grand Central invited us into his awesome establishment and treated us to full meals for the evening. We were so grateful!

April 29th: Baltimore, Maryland

Nothing like a hometown show. Especially when we’re celebrating a successful Kickstarter campaign. With our Pancake Nation, we raised over $100,000 for our new album, STRANGE CREATURES. We can’t wait to record and release your new album!

To hear more from Stacked Like Pancakes, you can purchase a CD here.

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