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TOUR DIARY: The Material #2

The Material 2013Last we checked in with you guys we had just played Studio Seven in Seattle. It was awesome! The next day we had off so we journeyed to Portland for some tattoos at Scapegoat and Voodoo Donuts (a staple in Portland). I was on voice rest which was not so fun, but we made the best of it.  

We left around 6pm for an overnight drive to Sacramento. All was going well until we hit Salem, OR and our trailer started smoking! We stopped and saw that our trailer axle was broken. Of course at that point all of the repair shops were closed so we had to stay overnight to try and get it fixed early the next morning. We ended up getting it fixed but not in time to make it to Sacramento so we had to do something we rarely ever do, and cancel our set. The show went on and we heard it was great! Sorry we missed you Sacramento!

Once we knew we weren’t going to make it in time, we took a different route and started heading to Reno for our next show. It’s funny how things turn out. We were all miserable about missing the show, but the route took us through a beautiful forest past Crater Lake so we were able to stop and dip our feet in and just enjoy being on tour. I think after what we had been through, it was a much needed moment. Check out the pics!

The show in Reno (Sparks) was really fun! It was cool to visit a place we had never been and meet some new friends! That night after the show we started the drive to Vegas which was long. Once we got into town we were able to hang out at the strip and relax at the Hard Rock. We were treated to a nice catered dinner and played an early show. The set was fun and we made a lot of new fans that night! After Red Jumpsuit played we all headed to New York New York and got to hang out and enjoy Vegas!

This morning we headed to Pomona for our show at the Glass House, should be another awesome show! Off to sound check!

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