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Tour Diary: The Nearly Deads

The Nearly DeadsWhat’s up zombies and meows? TJ here reporting from the BraveHeart Tour, featuring my band The Nearly Deads, and L.A crazy-kids Stitched Up Heart! We sure are a long way from Nashville on this run! When we heard that Neo Geo dropped off some of their dates with SUH, we hauled ass to Denver and started our run early! We were met by enthusiastic super-fans who had been anxiously awaiting our very late arrival. That’s what happens when you party with rock stars til 430 am! We had just finished playing a Sold-Out gig in Nashville with our friends Halestorm when we found out we had to be at The Roxy Theatre in Denver (a 17 hour drive) in two days! We couldn’t wait to get started and meet the whole gang. They were pretty convinced that we weren’t going to show up, but The Nearly Deads are a group of incredibly true individuals, and we stick to our word!

After that hasty show we got to stay in this crazy huge house in Denver, home of Stewart the Chinchilla. We slept in princess bunk beds (really) and partied all night. Then it was off to Greeley to perform at the Moxy, then Grand Junction the following day. Colorado is a pretty intense state if you know what I mean. In Grand Junction, we were lucky enough to stay at the allegedly-haunted Melrose Hotel. Nothing creepy happened to me personally, however there may or may not have been a small fire in our room, mostly due to the antics of Decker and Grant from SUH.

After that we headed to one of my favorite shows of the whole tour in Salt Lake City. After spending the afternoon with some friends eating burgers and enjoying the mountain air, we headed to the Metro Bar. I was immediately met by the band Change to Fire! They recognized my Bouncing Souls hoodie (which I wear religiously) and we were instant friends! I absolutely love playing with punk bands so I can pretend that I’m actually in one too! Everyone at the venue was insanely nice, and I totally started to understand why people would want to live way the hell out there.

Next we were off to Las Vegas for the first time. We took a risk and drove out of the way-it was a show booked by the aforementioned Neo Geo, who basically dropped off the face of the planet…so we were apprehensive but decided to stick to our commitment. Backstage Bar and Billiards is an amazing venue, when we arrived there was a whole crew of people there who had just finished shooting for a movie! Us Nashville folk were mighty impressed by that! We gambled away $2 in penny slots, ate chocolate covered bacon, and hit the strip. Vegas is OVERWHELMING.

Then we drove 16 hours to get to our next show in Spokane, WA, and Seattle the next day. I absolutely LOVE Seattle. We got to do a photo shoot at Pike Place Market with Bob Brunner and it was so much fun! Me and Mixi from SUH got to take some meow meow pictures together. She’s such a talented singer, a great performer, and just an overall nice person to be around. We totes have girl crushes on each other! The next day was 72 and sunny, so we went to the Seattle Center and checked out the Space Needle and the giant fountain. I kicked off my combat boots and jumped right in! So many good people in Seattle, families were everywhere just out enjoying the music and sunshine. The show in Seattle was absolutely fantastic as well! We played at Studio 7, which we had played at once before, and were excited to see so many familiar faces at a packed house for a Monday night!

The next night we hit up Portland, OR for the first time. There was a dubstep concert going on at the same venue we played at, so there was a lot of good people watching.

So now that my collection of backstage wristbands and stamps is growing, we are California bound and ready to rock our way down the West Coast with our new friends! See ya out there!

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