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TRACK-BY-TRACK: Common Grounds ‘No Sleep’

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With the recent release of the music video for their track “Fuck Growing Up,” Common Grounds has put together an exclusive track-by-track for their EP No Sleep. Take a listen to the album on their BandCamp page while reading along as you discover the inspiration and stories behind each song below!

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Fuck Growing Up
‘Fuck Growing Up’ was actually a song that I wrote about 4 or 5 years ago. Before I ever started singing in a band, I used to make rap songs and ‘Fuck Growing Up’ was the chorus to one of the last rap songs that I ever made. At one point when Dakota and I were living in Los Angeles, we lived in this shitty apartment for a very short amount of time.  I remember Dakota coming out of the bathroom and telling me how sick that song would be if it was Pop-Punk song. I loved the idea so we made it happen and it turned out great! 

Nights All Alone
For ‘Nights All Alone’ I wanted to write a song to encourage people to go out and do what they love no matter where that may be. I refer to everyday feeling like a replay of doing the same old things and looking out the same view from my window. Rather than staying in that situation you can always be on the outside and that’s exactly what we were doing.

Something Greater
‘Something Greater’ was the first song that we ever wrote and released after moving to Los Angeles. We made a huge change in our lives and were hungrier than ever to really chase our dreams. We were scammed on Craigslist by a dude who was going to let us rent a room but ended up telling us that it wouldn’t work out through a voice mail and falling off the face of the planet. Even though it seemed like such a bad situation and people thought we were crazy, it gave us even more inspiration to write this song. 

No Sleep
‘No Sleep’ was a last-minute song in the studio. We originally wrote a different song but it didn’t really fit in with the rest of our EP so we had a short amount of time to write a new song. Dakota had made a drum track a while back in which our producer Anthony wrote guitar for. The lyrics I wrote for this song explain our experiences of living in the van. Everything from food that we ate (bagels, fruit, and canned soup) to mentioning “The World Gym” a gym that we use to work out and shower at. I pretty much wrote out what a typical day for us was like and even how we would have to crawl in the back seat because our crappy van door is always falling off the track. Like I said, the song wasn’t originally supposed to be on the EP but it has ended up being one of my favourite songs that I have ever written because of the whole experience. 

I Promise I’ll Be Okay
‘I Promise I’ll be Okay’ was the last song that I wrote on the EP. We knew that we wanted a slow song but I never really knew what I was going to write the song about. The idea came to me after visiting home back in Northern California. The trips back home were always great spending time with my family and friends but I started thinking about all the time I didn’t have to spend with them rather than the time I did have. Every visit seemed like it would get shorter and I started feeling very depressed. On my way back to Los Angeles I started writing this song for my family.  I express how hard it was to be away and through all their worries that they had about me I would be okay because I knew what I had to do. 


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