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TRACK BY TRACK: Downfall 2012 ‘Everyman For Himself: Issue 2’

600401_10151519734943802_591058119_nDownfall 2012 were kind enough to share their track by track for Everyman for Himself: Issue 2. Check it out after the jump, and purchase a CD or buy concert tickets here.

“Gone For Now”

The general concept is the absence of a hard working man taken advantage of by a selfish materialistic shallow wife. She, who he risks all for, risks their relationship nightly on her escapades of lust and self indulgence. As he fights for their survival, she fights to forget his existence.


The breaking point in which you have endured so much disappointment that you must escape, even if it means leaving your own empire behind. This song was originally released in 2011 and received some Texas radio play.


The “single.” This is a smash, bang around, punk metal instant classic that will grab the attention of any person who enjoys aggressive music. The riffs and structure were put together by Boo Rogers in literally 15 min after an extreme road rage moment on the way to the studio. Within an hour of that Casey had orchestrated the drum arrangement and by the weekend Danny had a machine gun speed vocal that accompanied the song perfectly. Lyrics were formulated in response to a group of hecklers at a show. It translates well into the story line of Mr. Everyman as he encounters a “Non-Yes man” on his venture to escape the stresses of leadership in a corrupt political environment. The songs chorus was rewritten in post production after countless attempts to introduce more melody. Not sure that’s what we ended up with but it already has become a great “scream along” at our concerts. Fists in the air!

“Behind The Mirror”

Originally slated as a transition this song won the team over and became its own track in post production. It is a “lead-in” to the next track and a conceptual introduction to that part of the story. Creating this piece was the most unique process of all the tracks. Boo was given the instruction to create a bass driven transitional piece alone in the studio. Upon completion, Casey mapped out and performed synth and percussive loops in the studio alone well. Once completed Danny spent an evening with the piece and wrote and performed all of the vocals. The band along with producer Jim Finley listened and loved it. That exact project was then sent to mix-down and made into its own track.


This is the band’s favorite song on the record. We feel this depicts our style and current intention at the highest level. It contains a lot of very dark overtones and subject matter. Illustrating the evil that one man is not only capable of, but capable of concealing. To dismiss all things at face value and decide against looking deeper into something could cost you your future, freedom, and life…

“Picture Perfect”

This is probably the angriest sounding Downfall 2012 song to date. It is the climactic point of the record and story followed by a somber outro helping further explain. (The storm and then the aftermath…) Concluded with the lead in to the next record Everyman For Himself: Issue 3 coming this winter.

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