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Track-By-Track: Emma Ate The Lions ‘Songs Two Count Too’

Emma Ate The LionsEmma Ate The Lions were kind enough to share their track by track for Songs Two Count Too with us. Check it out after the jump, and purchase a CD or buy concert tickets here.

Songs Two Count Too is a concept album about the most basic and complex dilemma human beings face, life and death. The story based roughly from 1920’s-1980’s follows one character’s journey from start to finish and how he is shaped by the word around him. All the songs have a literal story line as well as metaphoric undertones, dealing with such subjects as family, religion, love, depression, and death. 

Days: The song opens with our character in a familiar place, a park which he’s visited throughout all of his life. Although it’s nothing new to him, he can’t shake the feeling something is horribly wrong, as he starts to notice everyone and everything around him are people and items of his past. He quickly realizes he’s died and is in a purgatory like state. Metaphorically it’s about taking time to reflect on what you’ve been through throughout your life. How the people and places you’ve seen shape you from being a dream filled youngster to a stubborn elder waiting for death.

Owls: The songs centers around the main character’s mother having a one night stand, and becoming pregnant because of it. Seeing as how it’s the early 1910’s, she’s seen as a disgrace by her family and hates herself for what she’s done. No sooner as she’s learned to accept it, and raise her son, she dies during childbirth. This leaves our main character facing his new life alone, and plagued by a feeling he was the reason for his mother’s death. These thoughts and fears whether conscious or subconscious keep him up at night, hence the name owls. Metaphorically this song is about starting new, and accepting your past as the past.

Branches (interlude):  Rather straight forward, it’s about how everything around you is made up of time and numbers. Everything in human existence is one big equation.

Balloons: This song is about our main character’s first real relationship. As he deals with the  complete dismantling of his first real love, he is constantly questioning every action he makes. As the song continues he learns the basic “it’s better to have loved and loss, then never to have loved at all”. Metaphorically it’s a song about accepting change, as with and ending relationship. People change and grow apart, you just have to accept it as a part of life.

Savages: This song is about him meeting the women who would go on to be his wife, and how it took months to work up the courage to talk to her. Metaphorically it’s about doubting yourself and thinking you’re not good enough for someone. How you should never think that way, because it only hurts the situation and never helps.

Cats: Follows our character as he decides to turn his life around and make serious strides towards being successful. He soon finds out years of ambitious attitude and hard work have only made a dent in his future plans. Upon this epiphany he grows severely pessimistic and melancholy fearing he’ll never get out of this dead end nightmare. Metaphorically it’s simply about depression and constantly feeling stuck.

Judges:  (musical interlude)

Stairs: Our character’s wife of twenty years is dying of cancer, and he’s doing everything in his power to not lose it. Although he’s trying to stay strong, seeing the slow painful death of the women he loves is driving him insane with grief. Metaphorically it’s about life being at its absolute worst and how those experience stay with you till your death. How one event can leave you emotionally and mentally crippled, questioning your own existence.

Bones: (musical interlude)

Ghost: After the death of his wife our character feels empty and grief ridden. Whether it’s women or alcohol he’s destructively trying to fill a void that can never be filled. He spends the rest of his days learning to accept this and move on the best he can. Metaphorically it’s about trying to recreate something that can never, nor should be recreated. You can’t replace something that important expecting it to be the same.

Nights: The final act of this record takes place in a nursing home with our main character stricken by waves of nostalgia. Looking at old photos and trying to capture what he has left of his fading memories. As in the beginning he’s alone, no family, no friends, slowly accepting the end of his days. Metaphorically it’s about loving what you have, and have done with your life. Remembering there is always an end and to enjoy yourself during the short time you have.

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