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TRACK-BY-TRACK: Jocelyn & Chris Arndt – Edges

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J&Cphoto - Spring 2016Hey, everyone! We’re Jocelyn and Chris Arndt, sibling blues-rockers from Upstate New York. We love puppies, pineapple juice, and endless guitar solos. But most of all, we love touring coast to coast and sharing the music we write together with as many awesome people as possible. You might ask, how do two siblings end up becoming a songwriting team? Don’t we fight at all? Well, it’s not sunshine and roses all of the time… But we’re best friends, and we love what we do. We understand each other. And our music is a huge part of that relationship. Although I promise we’re not always that cheesy.

We’re stoked to announce that we just released our first LP! It’s called Edges, and we’re seriously proud of it. Take a listen and let us know what you think! And if you like what you hear, catch up with us on the road sometime… We’re touring across the country to promote Edges, and we’d love to meet you!

“Shame” is all about sweet, sweet musical revenge. We tried to make it memorable and singable, while retaining Chris’ trademark retro guitar style. Lyrically, this is definitely me at my sassiest… while the guy I’m singing about may have gotten the last laugh, I definitely got the last chorus.

Too Much To Me
This song is straight-up rock and we definitely want people to tap their feet when they hear it! Lyrically speaking, regardless of how much the dress costs, if the character of the person wearing it isn’t worth a penny, we are not going to get along very well.

Where’s The Rain
These are some of the most personal lyrics I’ve ever written. Have you ever had one of those days when you look out the window and what you see doesn’t match what you feel inside at all? It’s a beautiful clear sky, but somehow you feel like you should be watching a thunderstorm instead, because that’s what it feels like inside of you. That’s what “Where’s the Rain” is about.

More Than I Say I Do
This is the first ballad we ever wrote, and it’s really special to me. I remember going upstairs to my room, sitting on my bed cross-legged, and not coming down until I had all the lyrics scribbled in a beaten-up spiral notebook. The rest came easily after that. “More Than I Say I Do” is all about devotion, that selfless feeling you have when you truly love someone and it leaves you vulnerable in the best way. Words can’t even explain how much you care, and you worry that because of that, they’ll never know. That’s why I wrote this song.

Every time we start playing this song live, it just makes me giggle. Talk about a groove to sing to. And I get to play the bad guy here; I’m crazy, but somehow you can’t help but be drawn in anyway. I’m an absolute viper, but you keep coming back for more. That is, until I decide I’m ready to move on… Then, be prepared for a rough landing and fang-marks that’ll last for weeks.

The lyrics for “Hot” are sort of desperate. I’m tossing and turning on a balmy summer night, kept awake by the one that got away. And things aren’t getting any better, either; there’s a storm coming.

This is the second time we’ve released this song, but this version is double the sass; we decided to amp up the rock energy, and I think it supports the song’s message perfectly. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: sometimes that glass slipper just doesn’t fit. And then your princely date isn’t all that interesting after all, and you realize you’d rather be at a rock show instead of this stupid ball. Who needs fairy tales, anyway?

I’ve always been a fan of puzzles… especially when those puzzles are people. Have you ever met someone you just couldn’t figure out? They’re full of quirks, these little habits that draw you in until you’re completely in love. And still, no matter how many tiny clues you gather up, they constantly surprise you. But somehow the mystery is what makes them so special. There are some riddles better left unsolved.

Cut the Cord
“Cut the Cord” is the story of a failed attempt at happiness. It’s the last, pin-drop moments of a crumbling love story, the dregs of something that used to be good circling the drain. It’s all the tension and sadness and anger you feel when you know it’s going to end and there’s nothing you can do to stop the disintegration: “We pack our parachutes, we’re ready for the fall”. And the worst part is, it’s your fault, too.

Because of You
“Because of You” started out as a guitar jam Chris would practice to. Eventually, though, it seeped into our lives and we couldn’t help but write a full song to those first fateful chords. Lyrically, it’s the happy conclusion to a long, tired search for love. In the song, I’m a girl who used to be totally skeptical about romance. Turns out, I just hadn’t met the right person yet. Now I’m a firm believer in happy endings, and it’s all because of them.

Dry Cereal
This is one of the first songs Chris and I ever wrote together. Growing up, dry cereal was the go-to snack for band practices – especially that kind with the little marshmallows in it. Beyond that, though, “Dry Cereal” is about waiting for something. You’re not sure what exactly it is you’re waiting for, but you’re restless at the thought of it. And whatever it is, it’s going to change your life in the craziest, most amazing way. But until then, it’s “dry cereal and waiting on a miracle”.

Here to Stay
This song is all retro grooves and throwback spunk. I’m singing to my lover boy, letting him know that he doesn’t have to worry about me, because I’m not going anywhere. What we’ve got together is so good it makes me want to shout it from the rooftops. Or, I guess in this case, sing it on the stage. With a full horn section and a vibraphone, of course, just to make sure he’s convinced.

To hear more from Jocelyn & Chris, you can purchase a CD here. You can catch the duo on tour by buying concert tickets here.

Be sure to keep up with them by following Jocelyn & Chris on social media: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Website


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