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TRACK BY TRACK: Love Crushed Velvet ‘Delusions’

Love Crushed VelvetLove Crushed Velvet were kind enough to share their track by track for Delusions with us. Check it out after the jump, and purchase a CD or buy concert tickets here.

Revolution Time

This song was inspired by the Libyan uprising two years ago, but the seeds for the idea were planted by what had gone down in Cairo and Tunis a few months earlier.  The televised images of young people dropping their everyday lives to run off and fight for their cause was really moving and inspiring to us.  While many older people are unnerved by the idea of “revolution”, there couldn’t possibly be anything more exciting to someone in their teens and 20’s, and the song is a paean to the adrenaline rush that you feel in that kind of an environment.

Bye Bye Baby

The end of relationships can be really hard, and we often find ourselves asking what went wrong.  Two people who had previously shared the most intimate details with each other suddenly behave as if they are strangers, creating artificial walls around themselves and becoming emotionally inaccessible and unwilling to communicate.  The song is about the desire for a dignified and communicative ending so that the relationship can acquire closure and proper goodbyes be said.


Many people are stuck in unhappy relationships and struggle to find the courage to get out.  Nobody wants to feel that the years they’ve put in with someone were a waste of precious time.  There’s also the challenge of managing the public face of a disintegrating relationship—it’s easy to feel as if you’re in a spotlight and to delude yourself into thinking that others are watching your every move, while the reality is that we often just project our internal turmoil onto a world that frankly doesn’t care as much as we think that it might.

Jane, Your Light Won’t Change

Every so often, a former lover will attempt to re-enter your life.  The picture they present is often one of:  “Look at me! I’m a new, improved person now”.  Yet the improvements being touted are often superficial:  Different styling, changes in mannerisms.  However, the fundamental issues that caused the relationship to disintegrate the first time around are usually still there and haven’t been addressed.

One Hundred Days

After a breakup, it often takes about 3 months before you start feeling in-balance again.  It becomes easier to sleep at night, you can think clearly again and have stopped replaying the ending of the relationship in your head.  The song is about surrendering to, and accepting, the discomfort that comes when things between two people fall apart and understanding that things will eventually get better—in 100 Days.


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