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TRACK-BY-TRACK: REPS – Poisoned Youth

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REPSWe are so excited to bring you an exclusive Track-by-Track from Rochester, New York group REPS. Today (April 29th), the band released their debut album Poisoned Youth, and they are giving us all the details about the 10 tracks! 

Check out the Track-by-Track after the jump!

To hear more from the band, or to get a copy of Poisoned Youth for yourself, you can purchase a CD here

Reps has a couple of shows lined up in the month of May. To check them out live, you can buy concert tickets here

Something We Love
This song is written about our band and taking pride in what we do despite the trials that come in with being in a band. It’s about taking pride in speaking out in a society where people aren’t open.

Rust is a very blatant breakup song of sorts, but not necessarily a sad or longing one. It’s written in more of a reflecting manner, thinking back to just how vile and toxic a significant other can be. Sometimes it’s our unfortunate human nature to allow another person treat you so poorly it’s literally inhuman, yet you make excuses and hold on, partly because you hold on to this vision of what you think the person can be based on how they acted in the honeymoon phase­ choosing not to acknowledge their obvious true colors.  This song is about coming to terms with that person’s true colors, and with the fact that they never were, and could never be the person you.

Valor is a fast and simply stated song about perseverance through all the obstacles you face when striving to achieve your goals. Life rarely if ever grants us with an easy path to the things we want. Mistakes and failures are common, as are naysayers and people that will try to keep you from succeeding, but it’s important to never let these obstacles or setbacks stop you.

No Demons
This song is about mankind, and the truly disgusting colors we show sometimes. The way humans treat others is often sickening, whether it be the seemingly endless amount of tragic atrocities you hear about in the news, or something small you see throughout your daily life. It often seems that the biggest force against our society thriving is ourselves. This is definitely a recurring theme throughout the record.

Dead in the Water
This song is where the record’s title comes from. It seems like every generation in some way repeats all of the previous generation’s mistakes, and inherits most of if not all of their vices. War, Racism, Sexism, Homophobia­ the list could go on. It seems crazy that after all mankind has gone through and learned, that these all exist. In many ways, the world we live in now is far more terrifying than it ever was for my parents when they were my age. Myself and all of the guys in the band are close to the age where we could be starting families of our own, but the thought of doing that in these times often induces immediate fear and anxiety. No matter how much we learn from the mistakes of our elders, and how many opportunities we have to be better; we still fall prey to the sames vices. we are the product of our ancestors flaws and failed ambitions to be better. We are the poisoned youth.

Courage Has No Color
This song is about racism, and just how disgusted and disappointed I am that it exists. Our vocalist heard a patron at a bar say “courage has no color” and that quote stuck with him. He really wanted to use that in a song, so we sat down and the song practically wrote itself. This song is about the Government and the Media using our fears and spinning the way the world is to try and control us. Not falling prey to this is one of the biggest challenges of our generation, and one that I observe many of my peers, friends and family failing at times. But those forces only have that influential power if we let them have it.

Deathbed is essentially about a relative who is literally about to pass away, and not feeling any remorse for that individual based on their actions or the way that person treated others. while others may mourn, you simply cannot and really just want them to die already so the healing can start for the rest of a family that has suffered at their expense.

Face to Face
This song is about consciously being tempted with your inner evils. About being in the throws of a traumatic event, and even though you know what is right, the evil path presents itself and your will to resist the temptation gives way. Ask Steve if you REALLY want to know the inspiration.

Vigilant is about a former friend who was truly a backstabbing leech. I fell for their games and their act for far too long and was thoroughly taken advantage of. By the time I had finally wised up and stop playing along, they had already moved on to their next source of sympathy/charity/ whatever  you want to call it. The truth is you can tell with these people that after awhile they will run out of people to bounce around to for whatever it is they seek to obtain, and they will be left with nothing but the horrible person they are.


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