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TRACK-BY-TRACK: Rocket & The Ghost Self-Titled EP

Rocket & The Ghost Rocket & The Ghost were kind enough to share a track-by-track of their self-titled EP with us. Check it out after the jump and be sure to check out more of their music, buy concert tickets, or purchase a CD when it drops November 5th right here.


We spent some time playing with tape sounds on “Daylight.” I remember Brian using a bow across cymbals and I had a string of bells. We stood around a microphone and recorded them at twice the normal speed so what we were hearing in our headphones actually sounded like a Japanese Pop song. Some of the obscure sounds in the track come from that take which was in turn slowed down. You may even hear one of us cracking up at one point.”


Lily sang on this track but she also played the Organ. It was her first time playing a Hammond B3 so seeing her working out her parts on this behemoth of an instrument was very special. She and I wrote this song together on ukelele during a hurricane. Can’t make that stuff up.


I always think of this song as a psychedelic Hymn. Like a mountain song of sorts. During the guitar break I got to record through a Marshall Stack which is the loudest thing anywhere, ever. Brian laid down a bowed upright bass in the beginning that continues throughout the song. He actually laid down two of them. One of my favorite moments in the studio.


This is my favorite track off of the album I think. It just felt so good with an acoustic guitar and a voice so we added as little as possible to that. The drums you hear is the band crowded together in a circle playing under a mic.


This is our high energy track. The dynamics are all over the place, but we love that. It goes from a dance pop feel to a fuzz bass attack to a tiny guitar picking moment to a punk rock thrashing track. It’s a mash of all the stuff we like.

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