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TRACK-BY-TRACK: The Perfect Addiction

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The Perfect AddictionInfectious Magazine is delighted to team up with Arizona pop-rock quartet The Perfect Addiction to bring you an exclusive track-by-track detailing of their 2014 EP, Ecstasy. We’ve also provided a stream of each song so you can listen along as you read. Produced by Curtis Douglas (The Maine, This Century), Ecstasy is just a taste of the big things to come for The Perfect Addiction in 2015 and beyond.

When writing this album, we wanted to create something that everyone could relate to. We wanted songs that weren’t afraid to present real life struggles and issues without censoring many of the things that people are afraid to talk about nowadays.

“Stop Drop” – This song really brings the American teenage promiscuity to light. There’s no hiding that it has strong sexual undertones. We’ve all been in that situation where every inch of you is telling you not to do something but for whatever reason you do it anyways.

“Summer Of Love” – This song is just a classic have a good time song. It just really focuses on the anticipation that teenagers have for summer. It’s a time when you can stay up late every night doing whatever you want. Summer is a time to do dumb things and turn them into great memories and this song just pays a lot of attention to the frustration in waiting for those times.

“The Edge” – This one really highlights some big issues that have been in the spotlight a lot recently.  This song is about a homosexual son who is having trouble opening up to his broken family. Meanwhile all of these other tragic events are taking place and no one realizes the repercussions of their actions. In the end he decides to take his own life, leaving his sister and mother alone. We really just wanted to put things into perspective for people who may be struggling with issues. At the end of the day suicide is never the option and there are always better times ahead.

“Moving Mountains” – Moving Mountains is about those things in life that you pushed away or let go and wish you could have back. This song specifically talks about a relationship that Sean was in and through it all he didn’t appreciate what he had. In the end he lost her. Moving Mountains is really just about his feelings and how he would be willing to do anything to make it right.

“Toxic” – This is yet another song with sexual tones to it. There are a lot of love songs out in the world and we just wanted to set out and write a really good lust song. Everyone has been in that situation of seeing someone and not wanted to date them but just wanting to spend a night with them. Sometimes there is a very strong physical attraction between two people but the emotional attraction just isn’t there. This song is just about acting on those feelings.

If you’re digging what you’ve read (and heard), you can purchase a CD here. If you want to catch the band at a live show, stay tuned for future show updates right here.

Keep up with The Perfect Addiction on social media: Official Website | Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud | YouTube

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