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TRACK-BY-TRACK: This Year’s Ghost, ‘Yesterday Becomes Tomorrow Today’

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This Year's GhostHere at Infectious, we have teamed up with anthemic rockers This Year’s Ghost to bring you an exclusive track-by-track detailing of their new EP Yesterday Becomes Tomorrow Today.

They released the EP, which is full of provoking lyrical content and huge vocal hooks, at the end of November. Take a peek after the jump to get a more in-depth look at the five tracks that shape this powerful album!

To hear more from the band, you can purchase a CD here.

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Lead singer, Paul McKenzie, recently told us about the first time he ever went to a show. You can check out that story here

The entire record, Yesterday Becomes Tomorrow Today, is a selection of songs about a group of friends of mine that oddly all passed away about the same time. It’s not a negative thing, it should be quite an uplifting, healing thing.

“Death Of A Gift” is mainly written to a dear friend that passed away a few years ago, Louise. It’s not all entirely specially about her, more about the time when she left. It was like writing her a letter if she were able to still read it today.

“December Sun” is about the aftermath of their passing and the realisation that time is passing a lot quicker than I realised. It references the people I’ve seen in the music scene desperately holding onto youth, when in fact there’s no need when we are all the same. The bridge that Stitch D (The Defiled) sings is regarding the feeling of disorientation and disconnection that comes with it all.

“Carry Us In Blue” explores the idea that since these events, it’s time to act on life and make it count but noticing how little people realise this. The wave in question is the wave and weight of everyday monotony that keeps people oblivious to what really matters.

“Silver Tongue” talks of something that lives in a lot of us that’s brought out through alcohol or anger (that can only be seen “when the light is right”). It’s written directly addressing the negativity that occurs through loss as a tangible person or entity that can be challenged.

“Black Dogs” is about a time of musical discovery with a friend in Edinburgh, Donald. It was a creative time in life but there was a lot of negative influences in the people around us with drink, drugs… “Black Dogs” is the classic (also used by Ian McEwen) interpretation of depression but also we actually rescued two black dogs in the time that saved both our sanities really! It finishes on an uplifting note about how we all will one day pass and move with the mountains but be together in doing so. A resolve for the collection of songs.

The whole record is an acceptance of the whole process of life and death and a tilt of the hat to a few that made it more interesting to be here for the short time they were.

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