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TRACK-BY-TRACK: To Live As Wolves – Breakneck Road

to live as wolvesBreakneck Road tells the story of a misguided youth that is going through the process of letting go of his past. From beginning to end, depression to hope this album shows the different phases of emotion that most struggle with today. The record treads through the feelings of doubt, loneliness, pain and hope tied together in five songs.


We had just finished writing the new EP when we decided to do this song as an extra track. It was originally supposed to be about the unity of the band itself and us moving forward from some issues we had that year. Halfway through writing this song our original guitar player and founding member decided to quit the band before we hit the studio and we had a disagreement  and personal issues with him originally. This song is about the resentment we carried throughout that short time period and are actually still close friends now and he’s always supporting us

“Open Mind / Closed Casket”

Years ago, Brandon [Roman] had just gotten through a pretty rough break up and was probably at the lowest point in his life in terms of emotional stability. He had dropped out of college, distanced himself from friends and family and had thoughts and things to say about where he should be and how things could be but doing so never changed anything for him. He had created a prison in his own head, fearing failing and attempting to move forward. He told himself that he was too depressed to do things and was convinced that nobody wanted to see him succeed. He  felt like he  needed that person there to bring him back.  Instead, he took everything that he was feeling at the time and translated it into lyrics for the band. After using music as a vice he later discovered where those issues in those problems actually lie.

“Bed of Lies”

This song is about accepting our own faults and mistakes.  That  rough break up that Brandon went through really had everything to do with him being a real SOB. He was too caught up in what didn’t matter and his own conflicting emotions to be the person that he felt he should’ve been for her and for the friends who still stood by him. He kept making excuses for himself, while pushing everyone away begging to feel secure and as if he wasn’t in the wrong but in order for him to move past that regret he realized he needed to accept what he had done and allow himself to move forward because making excuses for himself was only holding him back as person.

“Abandon Hope”

This song is about the moment Brandon realized what he had to do in order to be the person he wanted to be. He was over-encumbered with doubt and fear and decided that regardless of the circumstances and feelings holding him back, he would focus on working towards his goals whilst casting aside the grief he carried with himself along the way.


Brandon had a lot of past hurt and issues he never really was able to get over and hid away from them. While going through a transition trying to be a better person, self-reflection gave him some real insight as to what he was really feeling and what he really wanted out of life. He struggled with these concepts,  realizing he’d been living his life governed by his own pain and seeing that the same feelings are what made him to relate to most people. He realized that he wanted to do whatever he could to help others that are struggling just like him. “Stalemate” is a declaration of freedom from his own pain. The spoken word at the end touches on a problem he had that was holding him back for years he plans to elaborate on it in future material.

To Live As Wolves is a post-hardcore band based out of Staten Island, New York that conveys emotion in a heartfelt and aggressive way. With this project, musicians Brandon Roman, Mike Shpunt, Frank Altieri, and Alex Allen come together to channel shared experiences into a sonic beacon of hope. The band has cultivated a sound and live performance that engages audiences with driving riffs, melodic solos and unique vocal melodies.  While the songs are raw and seemingly reckless, the ultimate goal is to reach those in pain.

“We don’t care to be huge or adored for our looks or image. To us, it’s about the music and giving back to the scene that helped us all grow as individuals.”

Music is everything for this group, and their personal demons only fuel their collective fire. Through working with producer Kevin Billingslea (Vanna, Cruel Hand), the band successfully released their first EP, The Changing Tide, in 2014. Looking to further evolve, the group returned to Halo Studios where Billingslea produced their follow-up EP. Featuring iconic positive speaker and Vanna frontman Davey Muise and set for release in April 2016, Breakneck Road provides To Live As Wolves plenty of ammunition to become a staple band of their genre.

To hear more from the band, you can purchase a CD here.

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