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TRACK-BY-TRACK: White Label Analog – In Case You Just Tuned In

20wlaWe here at Infectious have teamed up with Austin indie rockers White Label Analog to bring you quite the treat. The band released their first full-length, In Case You Just Tuned In, last month and we have the inside scoop to each and every track!

Check out the exclusive track-by-track after the jump! And be sure to listen along with the album as you read what inspired each of the 11 songs!

To hear more from White Label Analog, you can purchase a CD here. To catch the band live at the end of the month in Austin, you can buy concert tickets here.

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Awakened By The Fire
Go forth and live the life you desire.

A woman who you are crazy attracted to, a head turner, and desired by others, but may not be the best thing for you.  She causes a wake of destruction in her path and in the end you know just where you stand.

This song originally started out as a completely different idea about a year ago and we ended up salvaging part of the chorus to use as a bridge in the current version. It was inspired by personal loss and is an acknowledgement of the frailty of life, but also celebrates the legacy of the human spirit. Reminding us in our busy lives, to live in the moment and enjoy the good times. It is the realization that those experiences become memories that we leave behind. Carpe Diem!

Lead Me Along
There are regrets and unintended consequences because maybe you just don’t know what you want.

Don’t Wait Up
It’s about being with someone who isn’t really there for you.

Turn To Dust
Ultimately all that we are, and everything we see, will turn to dust.

Where Have You Been
It’s about looking back at a significant, but failed relationship, and finally noticing all of the red flags you missed.

Al Capone
A street name for the drug heroine.  It’s about addiction, and the lengths you go to satisfy that urge.

Life can deal you some pretty big blows and some of it is our own doing. Learn from your mistakes, accept that you’re human, and be compassionate.

Off The Wall
Enduring the stages that ultimately get you past the hurt by crawling your way out of the dark and into the light. That conscious decision we make to finally move forward.

Hard Road
“Forget all your sorrows, don’t live in the past, and look to the future cause life goes too fast.” -Black Sabbath

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