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Travis Barker To Release Memoir In 2014 News Pop Punk 

Travis Barker To Release Memoir In 2014

Travis BarkerTravis Barker announced via Facebook that he has been working on a memoir that will be released in Fall 2014. You can check out the full message after the jump.

The Blink-182 drummer recently released a new track called “Cuz I’m Famous.” You can purchase a CD or buy concert tickets here for any upcoming shows.

“This wuz my Christmas Eve present 8 years ago yesterday. My kids are my best production I’ve ever been a part of. Better than any album, beat , clothing or anything I’ve had a hand in making period. My 3 kids changed my life in so many ways and actually saved my life. Being sober for over a year has been the best awakening I’ve ever had too. I got a memoir I’ve been workin hard on and it’s turning out awesome. Its been very therapeutic for me to get this all out and into a book and hopefully it can inspire a grip of people and help many as well. It’s comin out Fall 2014 and I can’t wait to share it with ya’ll. Anyhow….enjoy your Christmas, your kids, your family/loved ones and holidays. Much love & continued blessings to all of u.#Blessed #Family My motto will always be hash tagged#NobodycaresGoharder (after all we only live once right) Also I’m picking the winner of my 65 Cadillac right after the holidays for those asking. Good luck to all~.”

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