Album Review: The Used “Vulnerable”

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Let’s face it. The last album from The Used…not their best work. Fans were admittedly slightly hesitant when it came to their new album, Vulnerable, which is out in stores now. Well, they should knock it off, because as it turns out, this album has definitely renewed my faith in the band and their ability to put out relevant and awesome music that stays true to their roots.

Without a doubt, the first song old school fans (you know, the ones who liked them before they were cool) should check out is “Now That You’re Dead”. Remember the rage that pulsated through their self-titled album back in 2002? Well, this track brought it back. Bret outdoes himself with on point, pissed off vocals that will leave you wondering if “The Taste Of Ink“ will be the following song. Unfortunately, it’s not…but wouldn’t that be rad?

Overall, the album combines the good old sound we’re used to with some pretty awesome dub stub undertones. Mix that with a welcomed focus on the drums and the typical McCraken vocal delivery and you have a record that will make us all but forget about that mess they made last time.

Being the first release on their own record label, Anger Music Group, the boys really needed a homerun with this album. I’m happy to say that they have definitely hit out of the park.

Go pick up the album and the see for yourself. Then check back in with Infectious Magazine and let us know what you thought? Was it as good as Lies for Liars or is it just another Artwork?

Review by: Lauren Kyle

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