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Unsigned Spotlight: Night Like This (Pop Punk/Alternative/Acoustic)

How often do you hear the phrase “less is more”? Do you believe those words? Do you apply them to certain aspects of your life? Every once in a while a band comes along that reminds you just how much sheer beauty can be created within the musical ideology of minimalism. Enter Des Moines, Iowa pop-punk/acoustic trio Night Like This.

A surprisingly overlooked quality that many of the most popular and beloved artists in modern history share is that multiple members contribute vocals. (The Beatles, The Beach Boys, Fleetwood Mac and Styx just to name a few.) It keeps listeners on their toes and excited to hear what, and who, is coming next. All three members of Night Like This – guitarists Evan Snitkey and Ryan Brown and percussionist Chase Ringler – sing and harmonize at different points, and the end results are gorgeous. It’s a fascinating paradox – minimalist instrumental stylings combined with a “strength in numbers” approach to vocals – that works like a charm on the band’s brand new LP Changes.

The 12 tracks here – 11 full length songs + a 16-second silly song – captivate the senses immediately with the aforementioned harmonies, intricately crafted song structures and easily relatable lyrics. But Changes gets even better after multiple listens. The deeper you dig into the album, you find many of the songs have unexpected transitions along with multiple genre influences ranging from alternative to pop to pop-punk. And to top it off, everything sounds as crisp and clean as a major label release thanks to outstanding production and mixing.

Night Like This’s Facebook page fittingly lists wide-ranging influences, from A Day To Remember to This Wild Life to Blink 182. If the band’s music catches on nationwide and beyond as they deserve, do not be surprised to see them regularly sharing the stage with acts of that caliber in 2019 and beyond.

Jam the opening track from Changes, titled “Keep Your Word” below!

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