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Unsigned Spotlight: Ode To No One (NY Alt-Rock)

It seems this statement becomes more critical with each passing year, but truly in 2019, it is more important than ever to stay socially and politically – and yes, musically – informed by facts and driven by hope, positivity and equality. New York-based alt-rockers Ode To No One have all these qualities and more in spades, using their platform to take action by advocating for the power of love and the strength in diversity.

Ode To No One’s latest single and music video, 2018’s “One and the Same” (check it out below) makes it immediately clear what the band is all about. It begins with the band members and supporters walking down narrow roads and sidewalks, the supporters holding up signs to match the song’s opening words: “Preach wisely, not to catch fire.” I’ll leave the rest of the video for you to watch for yourself – it’s a powerfully effective message from a band full of genre-bending (their own fitting words) talent, but more importantly character and moral integrity.

As for the song itself, the flowing, often easygoing pace of the music expertly balances with intensely motivated lyrics to give the listener a surreal listening and viewing experience. The band’s sound is alternative rock at heart, but also takes varying influence from hip-hop, 90s grunge and even pop-punk.

Ode To No One know exactly who they are and where they want to go, and we’re betting that 2019 will see their message continue to spread and fill many others with the fiery passion, love and positivity they deliver through their music.

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