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Valentine’s Day Playlist: 10 Misleading Love Songs

Vday playlistWith Valentine’s Day right on the horizon and Justin Bieber‘s top 40 hit “Love Yourself” blowing up the music charts, it’s time to focus in on several more misleading concepts of romance. From break up songs disguised as proclamations of love to hit singles that actually have nothing to do with another person at all, here are some of the best tracks to jam to this February 14th. 




“Ocean Avenue” by Yellowcard

When taken literally, this song is a rather depressing track about trying to find the loved one who got away, but rumor has it that this track isn’t about a person at all. Instead, it’s about Yellowcard missing growing up in their hometown.  Perhaps that’s why they name a bunch of actual streets located in Jacksonville, Florida.

Example:                “There’s a place on the corner of Cherry Street,

                                    We would walk on the beach in our bare feet.

                                    We were both 18 and it felt so right.”

“Good Things” by A Day To Remember

This bonus track on Common Courtesy is incredibly upbeat and catchy. Why wouldn’t a track titled “Good Things” be fun and uplifting? Well, ironically, it’s a very bitter reflection on the deterioration of a four year relationship.

Example:                “Good things don’t end, they end badly.

                                    We’ve been here before and I’m all out of luck.

                                    It’s not working out; we’re just not working out.” 

“Stella” by All Time Low

This is about beer. As in Stella Artois. Not a girl.

Example:                “I remember how you tasted.

                                    I’ve had you so many times, let’s face it.”

“Love Like Winter” by AFI

This track is confusing because for the most part you think it’s about a girl, until you realize the gender pronouns fluctuate so much that there’s actually a third party in this track. I’m not entirely sure what this song is about, but I’m pretty sure it has something to do with vampires, which instantly makes it romantic, dark and scary all at the same time.

Example:                “She wanted love, I taste of blood.

                                    She bit my lip and drank my warmth,

                                    from years before.”

“Stray Heart” by Green Day

While the chorus may sound like an upbeat tail about a relationship rebuilding itself, it’s actually about a guy who constantly lies and cheats on his significant other but is too attached to the comfort zone he has with her that he doesn’t want to let her go.

Example:                “I said a thousand times, and now a thousand one,

                                    ‘We’ll never part, I’ll never stray again from you.'”

She Loves Everybody” by Chester French

This track has this totally funky, “Let’s Get It On” bass line to carry it alongside lyrics that refer to a girl as “my baby” and “darling” before drastically changing to themes of the hook up culture and promiscuity.

Example:                 “She craves affection,

                                    So I use protection.

                                    And I know she loves me.

                                    She loves everybody.”

“Smoke” by PVRIS

The soothing synths and melody that make up “Smoke” instantly set up that cliché romantic vibe so you might overlook the fact that this track seems more appropriate to allude to a failing, potentially emotionally abusive relationship than one that is still going strong.

Example:                “You said, ‘Don’t you try to run right now,

                                    ’cause, baby, I could burn you down.'”

 “All Of This” by Blink-182

This song features Robert Smith, so obviously it would make sense if it was a misleading love song. Rumors say it’s a continuation story of the same girl named Holly in Blink’s track “Easy Target” who is thought to be based on a former crush who bullied a young Tom DeLonge.

Example:                “Use me, Holly, come on and use me.”

“The Reason” by Hoobastank

This song got way too much radio play in 2003 leading people to think it was a love song. In reality, it is more about a guy who hurt his significant other so badly that he writes a ballad apologizing to her informing her he is leaving so he can reform himself for the next relationship in his life. Ouch.

Example:                “And so I have to say before I go,

                                    That I just want you to know,

                                    I’ve found a reason for me,

                                    To change who I used to be,

                                    A reason to start over new.”

“The World Is Ugly” by My Chemical Romance

Many people hear this track as an apology letter to a former fling, however, anyone who caught this song live before it got released as a recording will have heard a very different set of lyrics that completely change the tone of this track. It seems to be more about being left for someone else and not knowing how to react to that reality.  (Both versions are attached to this playlist.)

Example:                “Are you thinking of him?

                                    You could say you’re sorry,

                                    But I think you both should know,

                                    I just wanted you to know,

                                    There’s an ache in my heart,

                                    And a burning in my eyes.”

                                                      –original demo lyrics


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