VNV Nation-The Paradise

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Photo Credit: Jacqueline Crowley

Up in the balcony at the Paradise Rock Club in Boston, MA, my cohort and I wait for VNV Nation to begin their set. It’s interesting to see the varying groups of people there to experience the revered industrial/electronic band manhandle the stage. A typical show brings to mind a somewhat flocked audience; similar styles of clothing, hairstyles, etc. However, from the moment we stepped in line the realization that we had no idea what kind of world we just set foot in, began to settle.

To take a step back for a moment, the line itself was growing larger and larger as the six o’clock door time came closer. The line boasted a few glimpses of people in neon and black, mingling around others dressed in what looked like vampire outfits, who were obviously there with the guy in the sports jacket and baseball cap. As the line grew so did my fascination with what was taking place.

Entering the venue the list of different niche social media genres begin to expand. Steampunks, random people wearing fishnet, goths, the prim and properly dressed, all found themselves in this location. I almost began to wonder, but if you are a fan of VNV Nation the reasons are clear. Between Ronan Harris, vocalist/songwriter, and Mark Jackson, drums, the music oozes freedom of expression and love for that freedom.

On stage, Harris is a man on a mission, flanked by Jackson on his futuristic electronic drum set-up and two synth toting lackey’s, he bounds up and down almost as if taking off from a runway. As the first track comes to a close it’s apparent that the outside world is nowhere to be seen and won’t rear its ugly head again until the show is over.  Ronan’s presence on stage is absolutely awesome. The feel good jokes and jesting make his lyric’s messages easy to swallow and the determined way in which he delivers the more serious aspects of the performance make this a show worthy of their 15-year career.

You can check out photos of this show here!

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