Warped Tour 2016 : Nostalgia And Bringing Music Back To The Tour

imagesAfter 22 years running, the Vans Warped Tour has become one of the biggest music festivals in the country, and every summer it get’s better and better. There are various changes being made to the tour this year in particular that are gearing up to make the 2016 Vans Warped Tour one of the famed festival’s finest tours ever. With the 2016 Vans Warped Tour just recently kicking off in Dallas for the summer, we are excited for the upcoming dates of this incredible tour!

Check out our list below the jump of some changes Warped Tour has made to make this festival bigger, and better than ever in it’s 2016 run:

#1 – Big Bands Back On Tour

Some of the BIGGEST bands are back on the tour this year for the first time in what seems like a lifetime. Some of the names include Sum 41, Less Than Jake, New Found Glory and even Good Charlotte.  Your brain may say it’s the year of 2016, but hearing these bands play will instantly transport your heart back to the early 2000’s and childhood. Theses bands have influenced so many fans and even many of the newer bands along the tour, so it would be an extra special treat to see some of these legendary acts play!

Bands who have played previous years also tend to return from time to time. This year we have Real Friends, Chunk! No Captain Chunk, Motionless In White and State Champs just to name a few returning for another go around on this incredible show!

# 2 – The Newcomers

Every Warped Tour brings along new artists and bands that have been recently signed or just playing their first ever Warped Tour. This tour is a HUGE achievement, and for a band just coming to the scene, a great venue for building new fan following. This year, some of the new bands playing for the first time include Waterparks, ROAM, With Confidence and Wage War. With these bands being brand new to the tour, it is always great to be there to support the smaller bands as well as the larger names.

#3 – Local Bands At Ernie Ball

One of the biggest highlights at each date of Warped Tour are the local bands who are picked to play. From their hard work and fan base promoting the band in the Ernie Ball Battle Of The Bands, the bands that are picked truly are special to win that 30 minute set on one of the biggest music tours in the country. Go support your local bands as you may one day see those same names on the Main stages!

#4 – Stage Changes

The biggest change to the 2016 run of Warped Tour is the stage layout changes. This year, the stages will be paired, but will also be spread out and shifting genres, allowing more people to walk around the venues and maybe catch someone’s set who they wouldn’t of seen otherwise. In previous years, bands of the same genre would generally play the same stages and surrounding stages. This allows more viewers to be introduced to other bands as well as explore the venue, instead of staying at one stage for the entire day.

#5 – Bringing Music Back To The Forefront

Along with the stage changes, comes some tent changes. In previous years, Warped has supported Youtubers, Acoustic sets, DJs and even a Comedy routine.But in 2016 these are all being cut from the tour. This change allows the music being played all day to be the forefront, and the main focus of most of the attendants to the tour. What will this mean exactly? More spots for local bands, more guest stars and maybe even a united community of music lovers in the crowds, which makes for one happy Warped Tour. From better lineups to featuring surprise artists and guest artists, the Warped Tour has always been about the music and refining it with these changes will only make it better. Bringing this focus back will really change the dynamic of the tour, as well as focus on the bands. From the 2016 lineup being as great as it is, it will only get better from here in future years.

So make sure you hit Warped Tour 2016 this summer by purchasing tickets here!

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