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Warped Tour Addresses Moshing News 

Warped Tour Addresses Moshing

Warped Tour 2013Moshing, the favorite pastime of rock fans of all shapes and sizes, has long been an enjoyable activity, a great way to burn calories, and a fun strategy to finding new friends. However, it is also somewhat dangerous, as recently addressed by Warped Tour creator Kevin Lyman on his twitter page. Although we had previously mentioned a ban on moshing on Warped Tour, tweets by Kevin Lyman say otherwise:

“if you do it fine if the bands do it they become responsible 4 all the injuries that occur, people do not take responsibility.”

You hear that, kids? You can still mosh your hearts out, but the bands on stage can’t explicitly promote the actions as they would then be liable in a court of law. It’s all very “rock and roll”.

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