WARPED TOUR INTERVIEW: Kevin Maida Of Knuckle Puck

Kevin Maida Knuckle PuckInfectious Magazine’s Sami Marshall had the opportunity to chat with Kevin Maida, guitarist for Knuckle Puck, for the second year in a row at Warped Tour. The two chatted about what the band has been up to in the past year, learning a new instrument while on tour, and international adventures.

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Knuckle Puck will be playing the entirety of this year’s Warped Tour. To see them live, you can buy concert tickets here.

They released their latest album Copacetic last summer, while on Warped Tour. To check out that album or any of their previous releases, you can purchase a CD here.

Infectious Magazine: How are you and how has Warped Tour going?
Kevin Maida: Warped is going great. It’s hot today, but besides that, it’s fine.

IM: Have you guys ran into any weird or unexpected happenings? This is your second year in a row on the tour, so has it been easier to adapt to the craziness?
KM: We’re definitely more adapted. Every day was kind of a new thing and now it’s cool. We played this venue last year, so I didn’t have to wake up and find out where production was and catering and all of that. I just knew.
IM: So everything is laid out pretty much the same this year?
KM: Exactly. For the most part.

IM: What is the most valuable lesson that you guys have learned now that you’ve gone through Warped Tour in its entirety once before?
KM: You learn about a new work ethic that you didn’t know you had before. The weather will test your limits. It’s very hot out. Sometimes you’re amazed that you really did a lot today despite how miserable it was. You learn something new about yourself. You do stuff that you normally wouldn’t have wanted to do before.

IM: Now Warped Tour is in its 22nd year, which is kind of crazy, and there have been a lot of changes which is expected. But now we’ve seem to come full circle with some of the lineup. It has a very early 2000’s feel. So what do you think, as far as trends go, will be the next to infiltrate the tour?
KM: I don’t know actually. I hope to see more DIY bands. Like you said, I love that there’s bands on the lineup this year that I would go see when I was 17. I would go see New Found Glory and Less Than Jake. The reason I like those bands is because I felt like there was no façade. There’s no smoke and mirrors. They just play their songs.

IM: Every year Warped Tour does the Think TEI workshops. If you could teach one, what would it be about?
KM: You know what, I wouldn’t do one musically. I would do one on how to make coffee.
IM: Are you good at it?
KM: Well no, I’m not good at it. I just like doing I a lot. So I would teach everyone how to make a cup of coffee.
IM: I think that would be a valuable lesson.
KM: It’s a little hot out.
IM: It definitely is a little hot out for that.
KM: But I do it every morning.

IM: If you could choose one of this year’s workshops to attend, which would it be?
KM: Four Years Strong is doing harmonica lessons.
IM: I saw that!
KM: Yeah, I don’t know how to play harmonica, so I guess that would be the one.

IM: You guys have been doing a lot of international travelling recently. Are there any fun moments that you like reminiscing on?
KM: The tour before Warped, we went to Australia for the first time with The Wonder Years. And that was great. That was so much fun. We went cliff jumping. I didn’t jump off a cliff, but it was right when the sun was setting and it was crazy seeing that on a different side of the world. The sky was pink and the water was pink. It just looked crazy. I was just like, ‘I can’t believe I’m on tour right now.’ It felt like vacation.
IM: That’s good. When it doesn’t feel like work, that’s when you know you’re doing something right.
KM: Yeah!

IM: It’s almost been a year since Copacetic was released and the band has been really busy promoting it. You’ve done lots of tours. Are there any new music ventures in the works? New music, videos, anything along those lines?
KM: We’re a band that’s always writing. As of right now, nothing new for sure. We have a couple of demos that we’ve been working on here and there.
IM: I always get excited when I hear about new music, especially when it’s from bands like yours. You talked about there not being a façade, and Knuckle Puck is very genuine.
KM: Thank you.

IM: The APMAS are coming up very soon and you guys are nominated for Breakthrough Band. Congratulations! How are you feeling about the nomination?
KM: We’re excited. I don’t know if we’re going to win. I’m just excited for the day, to see Stephan Jenkins of Third Eye Blind, A Day To Remember, Good Charlotte. It’s going to be awesome.

IM: If you guys do win, do you have a celebration lined up or a speech prepared?
KM: If we do win, John [Siorek] is going to do all the talking. He’s the best with words. If we win, he’ll be the one at the microphone, so we’ll see what happens.

IM: Is Knuckle Puck doing any performing or presenting that night?
KM: No, we’re not. We’re just there to hang out.

IM: When you aren’t playing this summer, whose set are we almost guaranteed to find you at?
KM: Four Years Strong, Sum 41, Safe To Say – that band is incredible. I haven’t watched State Champs yet, but I’ll probably do that today. Real Friends.
IM: [Real Friends] played super early today.
KM: Yeah, it was like 11:30 or something.
IM: Exactly. I walked in and saw they were already setting up.
KM: Also The Maine. I love watching them.
IM: Yes! They put on such a good show!
KM: Oh yeah.

IM: So what’s next for Knuckle Puck? What do fans have to look forward to?
KM: The same thing now. Just a lot more playing shows. We’re going to keep writing a little bit. We’re just going to take everything as it goes.
IM: Do you have more plans to tour through the year after Warped?
KM: Yeah, not terribly much, but we do have some stuff lined up.

IM: Any final thoughts you’d like to share with your fans and the readers?
KM: Thanks for liking our band, you didn’t have to. It’s just nice that you do.

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