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WATCH: Bad Suns’ Powerful Music Video For “Salt”

Recently many bands have been making music videos about important issues right now. OneRepublic made their “I Lived” music video about cystic fibrosis, Yellowcard centered their music video for “One Bedroom” around the Lord’s Resistance Army. These music videos are both powerful and very moving, however, the songs’ original meanings had nothing to do with these videos. Well yesterday, Bad Suns released their music video for “Salt,” and took these types of music videos to a whole new level.

The song itself is about a person going through identity issues. Fans have related to it on many levels, making it a song with a universal message. However, with the release of the video, the original message became clear.Christo Bowman, lead singer, wrote the song to try and understand his friend going through gender dysphoria. “Salt,” directed by Daniel “Cloud” Campos, is about a transgender woman going through her transition. She struggles with suicidal thought, drug addiction, sexual assault and an inability to truly be herself. The video is carefully choreographed giving it a fairly complete picture of this woman’s life. It’s beautifully done, completely heartbreaking and sends a really powerful message.

Watch the video after the jump and let us know what you think.

Bad Suns also just announced that they are headlining their own tour next year, you can buy concert tickets here for the rest of the New Politics tour and next year’s headlining tour.

You can purchase a CD here.

Some people are not as lucky as the woman in this video. If you ever feel any of these thoughts and don’t know how to handle them without harming yourself or others, please call the Trevor Project Hotline @ 1-866-488-7386



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