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WATCH: Ed Sheeran Receives The Gift Of A Sword And Becomes An Adorable Puppy

tumblr_mg1a3sWkto1rt6gr2o1_250It has been officially confirmed that when Ed Sheeran receives a gift he squeals like a little puppy and I have to say, it is the most adorable thing on the planet. Let me give some context: Sheeran has made no secret of his obsession with Game of Thrones. (lucky for him, it’s back in two days, not that anyone’s counting) Well, a New Zealand television station, specifically Soho:Sky, gifted Sheeran a sword. This isn’t just any sword, either, it’s the sword of Jon Snow. Sheeran’s reaction was priceless and possibly the cutest thing in the universe. Click the read more to witness the cute, adorable, puppy-like, fangirl reaction with your own eyes. Trust me, you’ll be squealing right along with him.

And he will have a great place for that sword in his tour bus because he is going on tour again, though it could be the same tour from last year, I’m not even sure he’s clear on that. It’s funny because I swear he said he was going on a hiatus. Guess that will have to wait till after September, when this North American tour ends.

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