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WATCH: Matt Nathanson “Headphones” Featuring LOLO Music Video

Matt NathansonGrab some tissues, everyone. Matt Nathanson just released one of the sweetest and humanity restoring videos ever for his song “Headphones.” The video chronicles Nathanson’s journey to Peru, along with Starkey Hearing Foundation, to give over 1000 hearing aids to those who need them the most, but simply cannot reach or afford the help.

During the video’s intro, Nathanson states that he loves music more than people, and would gladly go blind or mute than go deaf and not be able to hear music, which is something I think most of us can relate to.

You can check out the video and a statement from Nathanson after the jump. 100% of the artist and label proceeds for this video are being donated to the Starkey Hearing Foundation. For more information on how you can help, click here.

Nathanson has a few shows lined up in December. You can see dates and buy concert tickets here. Also, be sure to purchase a CD here.

for those of you who don’t know, about a
month ago i joined a trip to huancayo, peru
with some folks from Starkey Hearing Foundation.
our job was to fit people with hearing aids if they
needed them. the company provided the devices
and their service for free. they do this all around the world.
i was one of the many volunteers.

i’ve been trying to write a short piece
about my experience for weeks now.
it’s been really hard. words kinda fail it.
if i didn’t have my hearing, i wouldn’t have music.
and if i didn’t have music, i definitely wouldn’t have
survived my childhood. listening to albums and
seeing bands and being connected to songs was
EVERYTHING to me. it still is. it makes me feel not
alone. it helps me transcend my broken brain.
in fact, the only reason i play music is because i
love it so much. i couldn’t stay on the sidelines,
i HAVE to be a part of it.

going to peru was super heavy.
the people were incredible.
to be in service to them, to assist in
connecting them to their kids laughter,
to their parents voices, to MUSIC!…
it was completely humbling.
and overwhelming.
i felt love and gratitude towards other human
beings on a level i’ve never experienced.

see? it’s really hard to put into words…
so i’m glad we shot footage and made a video while
we were there. it does a WAY better job explaining
than i ever could.

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