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WATCH: The Notionaries “Excited Eyes” Music Video

The Notionaries are a band straight out of the middle of the United States, not that you would know that from their sound. Where you would expect to find banjos and lilting vocals (that is probably the most stereotypical sentence I have ever typed) you will instead hear synthetic 80s pop instrumentals under an almost Young The Giant vocal.

Though this is only their first single, having formed less than a year ago, they already know the lyrical path they want to follow. In another shocking turn of events, it doesn’t seem to be the path of love songs. (If you know me at all, you know that this makes me very happy)

“Excited Eyes” is about taking risks and having confidence in yourself. That is probably the shortest summary I could manage, but you can read it in their words below.

The music video almost reads like a home video with the band: Lamar Fite, Logan Rine, Nick Patrick and Andrew Hise goofing around outside a seemingly abandoned house in the winter. The simplistic nature of the video makes it very easy to focus on the lyrics of the song which kind of feels like the point. Check out the video below and let us know what you think of this new indie-rock band.

The band is releasing an album this summer and you’ll be able to purchase a CD or buy concert tickets here by then.

About the song:

The Notionaries pay close attention to their lyrics, which display a sense of confidence and thoughtful empowerment. Their fresh, courageous message offers listeners the will to overcome trials and live in freedom. In “Excited Eyes,” they address the joys of chasing your dreams and the clarity that can exist, even when there’s a million ways that you could go in life. It’s music with a mission – reminding people that it’s okay to live in the unsafe and the unknown. This idea merges peace and uncertainty, while triggering a meaningful craving in the soul. It inspires an individual to start a personal revolution by embracing the change agents in his or her own life.
It’s the kind of music that illuminates your day. You’ll want to hear it while driving down the highway with your car windows down, wearing your shades and tapping the steering wheel. No matter how cloudy, cold or stormy the day is, the Notionaries will always make you feel like its summer.

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