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WATCH : Troye Sivan “My My My”

2018 has only just begun and already the music industry is coming in clutch with some amazing bangers from various artists. One of them is Australia’s own, the 22-year-old singer and songwriter, Troye Sivan. While the political climate has surrounded the LGBTQ community in various matters, it is artists like Sivan that give the LGBTQ representation that has shifted greatly in the last few decades.

Troye Sivan debuted in 2015 with his record Blue Neighborhood, which chronicled themes close to the singer such as his sexuality and own personal issues. On Thursday, January 12, Sivan debuted his new single “My My My” and the paired music video, which heavily focused on the aspect of same-sex eroticism. This focus is something that is generally not seen in music videos from queer artists, as most media usage of same-sex couples falls under a hookup storyline or a fiery affair. But for Sivan to flaunt his sexuality on screen with equally sensual male models is something that is unique and bold for both the media industry and for music.

“My My My”  highlights the push for progressiveness in the music industry and the huge leaps the LGBTQ community have made in recent decades. For Sivan, the track also signals change… as a whole new side of his music range and creativity is about to be revealed and we can’t wait.

Check out the music video for “My My My” now below the jump or purchase/stream the track through |Itunes| or |Spotify|.



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