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WATCH: Walk The Moon Perform “Shut Up And Dance” Acoustic

10649770_10152676921032558_4275566254731560015_n (1)When most bands do an acoustic version of a song, likely they have an acoustic guitar, harmonies and the lead singer singing melody. Well, it shouldn’t be a surprise, but WALK THE MOON are not a normal band so they don’t do a normal acoustic song. The entire band is involved even though there isn’t a bass. Both Kevin Ray and Eli Maiman play acoustic guitars while Nick Petricca plays shakers and Sean Waugaman played a pizza box with drum brushes. See, I told you they did it differently. The best part, turns out, even sitting, Petricca is completely incapable of being still and danced around in his seat like the adorable man that he is (bonus, he’s wearing glasses).

Check out the video after the jump.

WALK THE MOON are currently on their TALKING IS HARD tour with The Griswolds and have completely sold out the remaining days of the tour. If you want to know what the experience is like, check out my review of the Portland Oregon show here.

You can purchase a CD or buy concert tickets here.


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