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WATCH: While She Sleeps – “Our Legacy” – Shot In Their High School

huge_avatarWhile She Sleeps have been around for a few years now. They might only have one full length album to their name, but the fan base they have racked up over the years is undoubtedly one to be proud of. The Sheffield five-piece have been friends since childhood, which is evident when seeing how they interact with one another and through their loyalty and dedication to their music. Its also something that is mirrored within the fan base that they have built, who are very much a community, most of which sporting the now-infamous ‘WSS’ logo.

While She Sleeps’ new video “Our Legacy” features montages of home made clips that go back to their childhood, built into a gig that was shot at the high school they grew up at. I was there for the shoot and its safe to say that the school drama hall had never seen anything like it. There was a circle pit around the stage, 100 fans losing their shit for the best part of three hours and steam pouring out of the room, there was that much heat in there.

Not only is there a new video, but their highly anticipated new album Brainwashed is out next week. You can pre-order it here. Whilst you’re waiting, they’ve even made a stream of the full thing available on their website here. You can also catch them on Warped Tour this summer and buy tickets to all of their shows here.

See for yourself after the jump.

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