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Whose Lyric Is It Anyway?

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VE_Photo2_HRHow many of us are mesmerized by our favorite bands lyrics? Certain lyrics can change a persons mood and​ behavior. There are so many die hard fans that live by these lyrics to get through the day or maybe even a bad breakup. I would even go as far to say the lyrics define the artist. The statements we make through music define who we are ​and​ what particular genre we fit into.

Now, all this being said​,​ what if ​I​ were to tell you ​that ​95% of artists don’t write their own lyrics? Would this then change your mind about the artist? Would this then distort your view on what the lyrics really mean or if the lyrics mean anything at all?

This subject matter has been plaguing me for quite some time. I have experienced producers peddling lyrics ​and/or full songs to the artist. Now, don’t get me wrong​,​ I’m a realist. Not every artist has the ability to engage in every musical activity pertaining to their career. Plenty of artists have producers write their music ​and​ plenty of artists are happy this outlet is available. My entire last album was written musically by Matt Good with direction from me via email.

This type of relationship is very common in music ​and​ often leads to very valuable collaborations. However, I myself strongly disagree with producers ​and/​or writers taking part in the lyrical process. Picture yourself in your car having the worst day possible. You had a rough time at work or school ​and ​you desperately need your musical outlet to release the tension of the day. You turn on your favorite song and​ you immediately start singing the lyrics you love so much. Would it then bother you to know these lyrics mean absolutely nothing?!? That it is 100% possible these lyrics were pieced together by ​four​ different people trying to make “Cat” rhyme with “That”!

This idea makes me completely sick! My fans appreciate my lyrics. They get them tattooed on them. They recite them to try to rid themselves of depression ​and​ some even live by them. I think it is completely unfair for an “Artist” to then scam their fans by making them think they wrote the entire song. I think it would be fair to say these so-called artists should then let their fans know the songs lyrics were not their own. I feel if these actions were taken by most of the successful artists today there would be a defined decline in their popularity.

Writing truthful lyrics comes from the heart. So needless to say​,​ the person singing these lyrics have little or no connection to the exact feeling being stated. It’s definitely ​a ​double edged sword. The reason ​I​ decided to start this debate is because ​I​ see too many fans being affected by lyrics that literally make no sense ​and​/or are created for no purpose ​other than making money. I know things won’t change over night but ​I​ hope fans will dig deep before they submit to words that mean nothing ​and stand for nothing. Music is my life ​and​ thus ​I​ treat it with respect.

Vampires Everywhere! just released their new album Ritual last month, which was produced by Matt Good [From First To Last, DRUGS], and mixed by David Bendeth [Bring Me The Horizon, Paramore].

To hear more from the band, you can purchase a CD here.

Vampires Everywhere! is currently on tour. To see them live, you can buy concert tickets here

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