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Why Whosah Does Music

Photo Credit: Kailey Erdhal
Photo Credit: Kailey Erdhal

The fans. The lights. The stages. Signing autographs. Feeling important.

These might be some underlying motivations people would expect for musicians. But those motivations, while they might be fleetingly fulfilled, won’t weather the stormy path of surviving as independant musicians. The grind to keep playing music, booking shows, promoting, paying thousands of dollars for recordings which are mostly given away for free, is hard. For us in Whosah, we get pumped about the long and difficult road ahead, because we know why we’re doing it.

Music brings people together. There’s this incredible intersection in music between personal and communal experience. Our music addresses some of our most internal and intimate thoughts, dreams, and fears, and exposes them in a way that unified us –it reveals that our experience, while individual, isn’t that different from the people we’re surrounded by.

Every conversation we have with someone who has connected with our music in any way is sacred space to us. It’s a chance for us to recognize that they hear our story and to in turn hear their story. There’s this nice young lady in our hometown that’s been a huge supporter of ours for years now, coming to almost every local show –always dancing up front with us and singing along. For a number of shows she would message or tweet at us before, asking if were going to play her favorite song of ours, “Bad Guy.” Eventually it became this thing, any night we’d play “Bad Guy” and she was there, we’d make eye contact, a fleeting nod or smile as the song progressed.

One night after the show we were talking and I shared how encouraged I was by her connecting with “Bad Guy,” because the song is to me very vulnerable and personal. It pulls back the curtain of my life and reveals that I make mistakes and need forgiveness. And as we were standing there talking, tears started welling up as she said that’s what she likes in it. That she sees herself in the same place.

She is an incredible encouragement to us. That kind of connection, of seeing and hearing one another as people with shared personal experiences that unite us as a community is the reason we do music.

The more we press on in this thing, the more we’ve come to pinpoint what actually drives us. We love making the art, and it blows our minds when other people appreciate it, dance to it, or even sing it as loud as they can back at us at shows. But we’ve come to notice, beyond any doubt, the reason we do music is because of moments like sign language friend. It’s because of the chance meetings we’ve had with hundreds of people around the country and across the globe who heard something we created and chose to share a part of themselves with us as a response to that.

Those acquaintances that grow into actual connections and relationships; where the stories we share through our music are reciprocated with stories of other people’s lives? That’s where the magic is. That irreplaceable understanding that we’re joining a small part of something greater by being a band and creating art — that’s what really motivates us to do music. And that addictive feeling of being a part of something bigger, that’ll keep us “on the grind” as long as our limbs can possibly carry us.


Art is personal. It forces us to explore our most inner thoughts, while providing an opportunity to share those intimate parts of our lives and connect through our shared experiences. Since its formation, Whosah has committed to creating an environment where connections are formed through sound. By approaching every song and performance with energy and authenticity, Whosah delivers an experience that forms a bond not quickly forgotten. The group thrives in environments both large and small, performing shows as intimate as college dorms and as large as the Mall of America.  

Though the five-piece calls Minneapolis their stomping grounds, they have found home to be wherever their craft takes them- from college campuses and bars across the Midwest to sharing the stage with artists like Mat Kearney, Betty Who, and The Icarus Account. Whosah has won the University of Minnesota’s Spring Jam Battle of the Bands, been featured on popular shows like NBC’s “A to Z” and MTV’s “Snookie and JWoww” and Target’s back-to-school campaign.  

With a dance-pop twist on Walk the Moon and The 1975, Whosah’s new release is centered around an optimistic and spunky attitude, savoring the conflict between finding purpose in the daily routine and longing for a life beyond the known. Produced by Nashville’s Chase Coy, the first single “Ghost Town” was released in November of 2015, and will be followed in March by the full EP titled Work – a common struggle and journey we can all relate to.

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