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Why You Should Support Local Music & Book Stores

Avalon LandingAvalon Landing recently shared their experiences from the road, including why you should support local businesses. You can find their first blog on visiting the Breaking Bad house here, and check out their latest after the jump. You can buy concert tickets here, and  purchase a CD of Reside by pledging for their upcoming album here.

Traveling the U.S. with your band is an exciting and life-changing event. Your perspective widens, and you get to experience the country on a level that many never will. Our country is huge and diversified, but many times you would never know it. Towns and cities nowadays seem like carbon copies of each other. It is no difficult task guessing which staple chain restaurants and retail stores will pop up in just about every town. Your Wal-Mart’s, Starbucks, McDonalds, Applebee’s, Barnes and Nobles all make their appearances in just about every town, along with a few dozen others.

Now, obviously these chains thrive throughout the country for a reason. They offer a consistent product and experience to their customers, and that certainly has its benefits– especially on the road when most routines and comforts have been torn away. Though these places can be safe havens, they are certainly not the most fun or the most memorable experiences to be had, which brings us to our next “must do” while on the road: Visit as many local and privately owned eateries; book, music, and retail stores as possible. It’s a pretty straightforward rule that can result in a lot of great, unexpected experiences.

Local businesses are often small businesses. Your band is most likely a small business. Right away you have a mutual understanding of what the other is going through. Having a strange group of six or seven band dudes can totally make a sales day for a small restaurant, coffee shop or retail store. Small businesses are great places to network with people in a strange town, and they are usually a lot more willing to help artists out.

Avalon Landing loves to stop at as many local book and music stores as possible while on the road. During our most recent trip we were able to visit two very remarkable places in Los Angeles: Amoeba Music and the Last Bookstore. These places are both Meccas of their respective mediums, boasting huge selections of new and used items. If you don’t have enough time to spend, chances are that you will be overwhelmed. These places are gigantic. It is both inspiring and depressing to see how much media exists in this world. There never seems like enough time to take it all in. That said; you should still try. We always have fun digging through the stacks, and lots of times these are great places to meet and talk to people in a city in which you are a stranger.

Take a look at some of the pictures, and you’ll have an idea of just how massive each store is. If you’re anywhere near as nerdy as us, you’ll find yourself drawn to these places the next time you visit the LA area.


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