YEAR IN REVIEW: Bands To Look Out For In 2018

In case you didn’t know, the staff here at Infectious, along with some of our musician friends, can kind of predict the future. Yes, you read that right. And today, we’re going to let you in on the bands who are going to be absolutely killing it this year!

We’ve compiled a list of all the bands you need to keep on your radar in 2018. Check out that list below, and if you’ve missed any of our previous Year In Review posts, you can click here. 


Great Grief


This one is tie between Eidola from Salt Lake City, Utah and Capstan from Orlando, Florida. Both of those bands put out killer music and have great live performances. They actually are about to go on tour together (funny enough) – starting in February. Make sure to check that out.


The Night Game


Pale Waves



TJ Horansky of Sleep On It

Capstan. Our friends from Florida are some of the most incredible musicians in post-hardcore right now. They have a new EP coming out via Adventure Cat Records that they recorded with our friend Seth Henderson (who also produced our album Overexposed). Their singer Anthony has such a cool voice, too.

Reach The Shore

Many bands deserve to be looked out in 2018. Code Orange again, they need to confirm what they did in 2017. Many other bands had a great 2017 and will probably grow even bigger next year. We’re talking about Crystal Lake, Loathe, Knocked Loose, Polaris. And last but not least, our guitar player Tony has a secret crush on Tash Sultana.

Brooke Daly – Infectious Magazine Staff
2017 had a lot of great music to soak in. Though I always have my staple genres I enjoy listening to, it is much more enticing to me as a listener when bands turn genres on their head or do them exceptionally well. Three groups you should keep on your radar for 2018 did just that.

Picturesque used post-hardcore’s current emphasis on guitar and unique vocals and took it to new heights on their debut album Back to Beautiful. Vocalist Kyle Hollis is exceptional, and the guitar work on the album is something to behold. Picturesque deliver two-fold on the songwriting front: they provide music that is intricate and well-crafted but just as compelling.

Dayseeker became household metalcore names with their new album Dreaming Is Sinking /// Waking Is Rising.  As a concept album, it introduced a fresh take on lyrical themes as everyone pitched in to make beautifully heavy and robust songs. Rory Rodriguez has one of the most emotive voices in the scene.

With the release of their second album Hikari, Oceans Ate Alaska could have easily played it safe. The fact that they had a new vocalist could also be a decent excuse to keep their work understated so they could find their footing with new member Jake Noakes. Instead, they – Noakes included – went all out. The riffs on Hikari are sharper and more inventive, the drums are outright punishing, and Noakes is shining in his new role. Hikari is a masterful blend of metalcore staples and Japanese influence. The result? A beautifully dense, chaotic, and exciting work of art that – ideally – would provide plenty of opportunities for them in the metal world moving forward.

Chris Arcand of Vicious

Cedar Green

Lola Campbell of The Complex Dialect

The Black Tones

His Dream of Lions

The band to look out for in 2018 would be our friends in The Millenium.


Assuming We Survive

Sami Marshall – Infectious Magazine Managing Editor

I cannot say enough good things about Brightside to completely justify how amazing they truly are! 2017 was an absolutely huge year for them. Between the release of their EP Heart Science, to countless tours, with both headlining and supporting roles, they were on top of the world. With two music videos in works and the promise of many more tours, I’m so excited to see what 2018 will hold for my friends!

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