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YEAR IN REVIEW: Best Album Of 2015 – Staff Picks

2015 Year In Review Best AlbumI think it’s safe to say that 2015 was one epic year as far as music was concerned. The sheer amount of fantastic music released over the past 12 months is a bit overwhelming, but much welcomed! Check out which albums the Infectious Magazine staff chose as the best (and let me tell you – narrowing it down to just a few was almost impossible) after the jump!

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20150731_motion_city_soundtrack_panic_stations_91Motion City Soundtrack, Panic Stations – Their back to basics approach resulted in a tight and more mature offering from the pop-punk veterans. It’s a tour de force, that never lets up from track one, “Anything At All”, to the final, anthematic, “Days Will Run Away.” It contains all of the elements that make Motion City Soundtrack lovable, quirky, and one of the tightest bands out there. – Mike Droel 




Enter-ShikariS_The-Mindsweep_5x5_300-1000pxEnter Shikari, The Mindsweep – This came out right back at the start of the year and its still just as exciting now as it was upon first listen. It has been released at a time where politically charged music is more necessary than ever in the UK and its just an absolute rager. – Nathan Daniel 




ice nine kills every trick in the bookIce Nine Kills, Every Trick In The Book – To be around as long as INK have and not receive due credit can be frustrating, maybe even drive a band to quit. Prior to even this release, the metalcore outfit have proved they have a great sound: heavy, melodic and theatrically based. Finally, they earned their stripes with their first “big” record.

With their Fearless Records debut, the Ice Nine guys took everything that made them special and turned it to 11. The concept alone makes the album noteworthy from other releases: each song is dedicated to (and is from the perspective of) a piece of classic literature. To back up such an idea, the guys had to pull out their biggest guns.

From the anthemic opener, “The Nature Of The Beast,” to closer “Hell in the Hallways” there is plenty to offer. Vocalist Spencer Charnas steps a bit outside of his comfort zone, embracing a wider range with ease, and guitarist J.D. deBlieck has plenty of intricate guitar work to keep the songs heavy AND momentous. It is a whirlwind album, filled with such emotion and creativity that there cannot be something for every metal fan out there. – Brooke Daly

marianas trench astoriaMarianas Trench, Astoria – To pick only one best album of the year was a crazy feat for me (and you’ll see soon enough that I didn’t choose just one). But without a doubt, this album ranks at the #1 spot on my Best Of list. I can’t put into words what this album means to me. It’s absolutely stunning and so well done. There’s not a single mistake to be found in the album’s 17 tracks, and that shouldn’t shock anyone. If there’s one thing for certain about Marianas Trench, it’s that everything is done on purpose. Everything has it’s place and every second was meticulously thought out. Regardless of how many times I’ve listened to this album, I still get emotional listening to it. Every time I play a song, it’s like I’m hearing it for the first time. Josh Ramsay let the fans into a place of such vulnerability, and we are forever grateful for that. – Sami Marshall

Stick_To_Your_Guns_-_DisobedientStick To Your Guns, Disobedient – Disobedient is a diamond of a hardcore record. It’s politically and socially motivated and retains a severe hardcore edge while making sure every song sounds distinct. – Taylor Markarian





Blur_MagicWhip_2015Blur, The Magic Whip – A hugely triumphant return for Blur’s first album in 12 years. They continue to evolve their sound beyond fans’ expectations while the production brings surprises at every turn. To quote Rolling Stone: “Blur have returned with inspiration to spare.” – Joe Ballard




sorority noise joy departedSorority Noise, Joy, Departed – After their successful debut release, the pressure was on for Sorority Noise to create another lasting impression. The resulting album, Joy, Departed, takes ownership of frontman Cameron Boucher’s personal battles with addiction and mental illness, and turns these battles into something positive. The songs on the album tell stories of someone who knows that they are damaged, and that in itself is rare. The level of insight on the album, combined with some great pop-punk hookery makes it one of the best things that has come out of the so-called emo-revival thus far. – Angela Flores


Frank Turner Positive Songs For Negative PeopleFrank Turner, Positive Songs for Negative People – This is kind of like Frank Turner 2.0. It holds the same passionate lyricism that all his albums do, but with a slightly more positive twist. It takes any negative experience and turns it into an opportunity to come back stronger than ever. In a word, it’s brilliant. – Angela Mastrogiacomo




mark rose the wild typeMark Rose, The Wild Type – If you were to ask me to compile list of my top three favorite vocalists of all time, Mark Rose definitely shows up. His voice is effortlessly flawless and is showcased perfectly in this album. It was his first release in four years and it delivered on so many levels! His songs are catchy, a little sexy and always classy and beautifully mastered. – Sami Marshall




bring me the horizon that's the spiritBring Me The Horizon, That’s The Spirit – Bring Me The Horizon’s latest record received near-universal acclaim from critics with a more mixed reaction from long-time fans. As someone unfamiliar with much of their previous work, this is simply one of the best hard rock albums of the year. Expect to hear these songs on ESPN, the Winter X Games and many more places around the world and web. – Joe Ballard





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