The music we were graced with in 2017 was out of control. While the rest of the world was essentially falling apart, music was pulling us together and delivering the best tunes to take us all to a more peaceful place. With the help of some of our friends, we put together a list of the year’s best albums!

Check out our list below, and if you’ve missed any of our previous Year In Review posts, click here.

Josh Gilbert of Household

We’re Not Going Anywhere by David Ramirez
The songwriting on this album is next level. David has to be one of the most underrated artists. We’re all huge fans of his art

TJ Horansky of Sleep on It

I loved After Laughter by Paramore. It’s so well produced, and the vocal melodies are incredible. It feels like Paramore organically evolved in to the band they were meant to be!


Protomartyr’s Relatives in Descent definitely gets our vote. If you’re a fan of post-punk, you’ll love this record.


LCD Soundsystem American Dream because James Murphy really wears his Talking Heads influence on his sleeve for this album and we love it.

Also, Sleep Well Beast by The National.

Maggie Schneider

Last Young Renegade by All Time Low


The Maine 
Lovely Little Lonely

Chris Arcand of Vicious

I Decided by Big Sean

Lola Campbell of The Complex Dialect

Kendrick Lamar DAMN

His Dream of Lions

The Millenium But Do We Ever Ask Ourselves?

Brooke Daly – Infectious Magazine Staff

Asking Alexandria
 Asking Alexandria
I know: how could I give an album such distinction if it’s been out for less than a month? Still, as I thought about the music that came out this year, all I could do was feel the need to return to this album. The day it arrived, I listened to it four times in a row.
This album is a significant milestone for the band, as it is the first with vocalist Danny Worsnop back at the helm. And boy, does he (and the rest of the AA team) deliver. Sonically, the band has never sounded better. Sure, there aren’t any monster riffs or wildly “heavy” moments, but this offering is easily their most ambitious. Though they drift from their metalcore roots substantially, there’s something for an Asking Alexandria fan of any era to soak in here. There are beautifully laced electronics, heavy moments sure to make moshers happy, and anthemic choruses you won’t be able to get out of your head.
Even the biggest gambles on the album, like featuring rapper Binx on “Empire” or the sing-rap verses on “Where Did It Go?” pay off handsomely. While it may not be the heavy album Asking diehards were looking for, it’s easily their most experimental and fun album to listen to yet – a testament to their songwriting capabilities. In a year where I was looking for music that pushed boundaries while holding true to bands’ roots, this was a clear frontrunner.

Sami Marshall – Infectious Magazine Managing Editor

I first saw Movements when they opened for Real Friends on their $5 Tour two years ago, and since then I have been patiently waiting for their next project. And in 2017, that new project came to life in the form of Feel Something. You could tell they took their time and created the perfect album. It hits hard from the get-go and it doesn’t stop.

How can this not be on a Best Album list? PVRIS‘ second record, All We Know Of Heaven, All We Need Of Hell, is MAGNIFICENT! It makes you feel a wide range of emotions and leaves you in awe. I don’t know how such a perfect band exists, but they do! 


Connor Holcombe 
Zombies on Broadway by Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness

Jake Long

Lovely Little Lonely by The Maine

Cory Clark

Drunk by Thundercat

Will Dunaway
Backwater by Kilo

Dillon Jordan

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