New music from our favorite musicians is something we all look forward to. But sometimes, our favorites only give us a few tracks to get us through the year. And in 2017, we were treated to some of the best EPs from some of the best musicians! With a little help from our friends, we put together a list of the EPs that grabbed our attention and held on.

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Brooke Daly – Infectious Magazine Staff

Our Last Night’s presence in the scene has come with ample creative covers of songs by the likes of Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, and even Nickelodeon. Though they’re fun to listen to, fans have been looking for organic material. Just ahead of their trek on the 2017 Warped Tour, they delivered. OLN’s Selective Hearing EP features songs that mesh well with their post-hardcore roots (“Ivory Tower”), play with electronics (“Tongue Tied”), and provide choruses that are sharp and effective (“Broken Lives”). It seems they’ve taken the pop sensibility used in their covers and added it to their well-crafted post-hardcore with ease. As a result, they’re offering their catchiest, most accessible, and well-written material yet. Plus, OLN still gets heavy on several occasions.


The Japanese House – Saw You In A Dream

The Neighbourhood  – Hard

Fickle Friends  – Glue

Maggie Rogers  – Now That The Light Is Fading

Chris Arcand of Vicious
The Neighbourhood  – Hard

His Dream Of Lions

My favorite EP of this past year is From The Unforgiving Arms of God by End.

TJ Horansky of Sleep On It

High Wire are our friends from Chicago and they write some incredible hooks.

We toured with Bearings on the Road To Riot Fest Tour, and they are a great up-and-coming from Canada.


In our opinion, the best EP of 2017 was Brother Cephus’ release Not That Important. It’s a great rock album combining awesome guitar and synth work.

Sami Marshall – Infectious Magazine Managing Editor

I first heard of Brightside and their music when they opened for We The Kings on their 10 year anniversary tour. Heart Science is five fun and well-thought out tracks that you will be singing for days on end. I loved one of the tracks (“AEIOU”) so much that I got a tattoo in honor of that song.

If you’re looking for a high-energy album to put you in the summer mood, even in the dead of winter, Varsity Week‘s debut EP If Only You Knew is the album for you. They’ve made a name for themselves in southern California, and I cannot wait for them to take over the whole country.


This was the easiest to answer. Nine Inch Nails Add Violence is some of our most favorite NIN material to date.

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